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4/13/2020 4:47 pm  #1

Some of my ancestry...

So my aunt had her blood tested and it came back with very interesting results...

Apparently on this side of my family we are 4th to 16th generation Japanese and the same for Irish/Scot with some other things mixed in such as being 0.1% Black. I can assure you that Native Americans and the Asian people have the closest genome as if you were to compare the DNA to any other modern human race, as far as I knew 2 years ago lol. I even wrote a paper on it about how they traversed the Bering Land Bridge and continued to migrate down North America along the coast. During this time, the interior of what is now Canada had many glaciers with some over a mile in height! In areas with no ice there wouldn't have been enough vegetation to support any large animals.

What this correlates with is my grandparents work in our family's genealogy where that third generation ancestors met and created the 4th generation. The male ancestor is Irish/Scot and the female ancestor is of exact unknown origin but from stories from my mother said she was called "mixed-blood". Here is a picture of her...


So what does this have to do with the connection between Native Americans and Japanese DNA? Well, we have absolutely no accounts of any Japanese ancestry what so ever. My grandparents genealogy dates range from 1760 (when those European ancestors arrived from Ireland/Scotland) to 2000, the time the book was written.

Therefore, I can only make the connection that my female ancestor was part Shawnee and with her unmarried last name, her father was Irish/Scot. This educated guess is due to her location of birth in Indiana. Interestingly, her mother's name is America and her last name is after the county in Indiana she was born in... She could have been full blooded Shawnee. I know that this type of naming practice was common with Native Americans and Black peoples here in the now USA, in order to show what they thought was... loyalty/commitment (I guess that is the correct wordage).

Unfortunately, no recognized Native American tribes exist in Indiana from what I could find out... however, I am thinking of going ahead and have my DNA tested more to see if this can be more narrowed down further. Which I know it can, I've studied this stuff a lot. I'll just have to find a place to do it and see how much it costs, it can be very expensive and it might be out of my ability to do so.

Anyway, it is awesome to put these puzzle pieces together. Though with the DNA saying 4th generation Japanese and my female ancestor being of the 3rd generation, having no accounts of direct Japanese ancestry for such a large span of time (total of 12 generations which is about 300 to 360 years roughly) and that the DNA comes back at the 4th generation is information that is hard to ignore since that would have been when the Irish/Scot and Native American ancestry mixed.

Lastly, it would have been more common than one may think for an Irish/Scot and a Native American to join together in union. Here is an interesting website that talks about the similarities between Irish specifically and Native Americans.




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Re: Some of my ancestry...

I knew I had asked about this before on here, just couldn't remember where but here is the link to my previous thread on this...


haha sorry for jumping all over the place, I totally understand if you want to put both threads together

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Re: Some of my ancestry...

Well I am welsh I am a Celt as are the Irish and scotish we are clans.
 but some of my family went to patigonia in the 1800s. they then went in to Arizona. I know I have indian Blood in me I believe it is Cherokee

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Re: Some of my ancestry...

Native spirit wrote:

Well I am welsh I am a Celt as are the Irish and scotish we are clans.
 but some of my family went to patigonia in the 1800s. they then went in to Arizona. I know I have indian Blood in me I believe it is Cherokee

Awesome! We probably have a similar ancestor or two somewhere down the line. Most of us do of course but I am also Irish/Scot

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4/14/2020 7:25 pm  #5

Re: Some of my ancestry...

So I was able to find out through the Dawes Final Rolls the two names of my female ancestor and her husband my male ancestor. The man is even listed as IW, intermarriage white which would be correct since he was Irish/Scot from what my grandparents found out and published in our families genealogy book. So if my female ancestor is correct, she was full blood Choctaw!

The only thing is that in the rolls she is listed with her married name with the age of 9. Does anybody know if they changed a woman's name to be that of her husband if he goes for IW status? He enrolled at the age of 43 so I didn't know if they changed her last name but still kept the age when she first enrolled.

Update*** I found out this might actually be their daughter instead. They have the same name. My female ancestor died four years before the roll started which first began in 1898.

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Re: Some of my ancestry...


Just ordered the packets from the Oklahoma Choctaw Genealogy Department for 5 people!

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