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11/29/2019 12:07 am  #1

Dream about family

I dreamt I was going on a family trip and there was a female relative of my stepdads being a pain in the bum. I found it funny at first but then it annoyed me. There were old friends there and two women asked me to be in their group. The woman I was with asked if they were journalists and I said I could tell they were from their voices. There was an attack going on to the building we went to, I was going upstairs and was putting a man on a bed who was dead into a lift as it was like a hospital too. The lift wouldn't work so I put him in there and closed the door to keep him safe. I knew if he went down his body would explode. Then I saw these older gangster men and I knew they were behind the chaos. Someone asked me about it later and I said I knew it was them and they couldn't believe it. There was one part where I was on an escalator going down to the train station and I decided to go back. The escalator changed all futuristic and you could go up quicker on different sections depending how hard you squeezed the handrail or pushed your feet into the ground. It was all electric like a technology board. I sped up to the top and stayed up there.

I also dreamt I was sleeping in bed with Matt and he was muttering about another girl so I was pleasuring him to keep him talking to find out more and he ejaculated twice.

I then dreamt that my mum was in my house. Then there was a knock at the door and I saw my dog was outside on the grass and I didn't know how she got there. My mum said she would go and get her. There were men at the door trying to come in. One was my uncle, one was my step dad and then two of their friends. I stopped them from coming in any further than the hallway and told them to leave.  They were trying to force their way in but I held my ground and told them to get out. My mum came back up with my dog and started throwing her into the hallway and she would go to run back out and my mum threw her about 5 times in the air into the hallway. I got close to her and told her to never touch my dog or throw her like that again. My uncles and stepdad and their friends were outside on a bench. I was closing the windows and I heard my uncle slagging me off. So I went outside and gave them a piece of my mind. Then I said what I wanted to my dad, that if he was a man he would let my mum live at the family home instead of staying there himself and that the reason she's losing control of her life is because of him and how he is not letting her live at home. He took in what I said and I left and went back into my home. Then loads of women came in and it was like a group of girls being strong together. Like my actions led to me being in charge of a group of women to support each other. Everyone sat down, about 30 women, and I was looking around smiling ready to talk to them all.

Yesterday in real life my mum got arrested for drunk driving. She has mental health issues and went of the rails. My sister was keeping me updated but in the end she wasn’t very informative and made me feel like I was pesting her when I was obviously concerned about my mum as she was in custody for 16 hours. My step dad and her split up about 3 years ago and my mums been struggling ever since. He wouldn’t and won’t let her live at home because he says she wanted to leave so he stays at the house. But she got the home for us children and her through the government and now he’s forced her out really and let her struggle. I wish I could say this and what I said in the dream but I don’t want to get involved and sometimes feel scared of speaking up. But I feel that I should. I’m meant to be going there for Christmas but in all honesty I just want to cut them all out of my life, other than my sister, as they just cause me problems and trouble. Is my dream a reflection of all of this? Is there any guidance or message in the dreams?


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Re: Dream about family

Yes, your dreams mirrors all this. It was even hard for me to tell your dreams from what you were doing in real life. The escalator ride proves you want to be above all that process. The message is that you know you are strong enough to leave all that family garbage behind.


11/29/2019 9:01 am  #3

Re: Dream about family

Thank you. I decided I was going to deal with it all in a mature way and not get involved with my dad who’s been out of order. I was also considering how I would deal with cutting them out of my life. So I’m glad to know the dream reflects what was going on and confirms what I was thinking about, thank you.

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