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9/06/2019 3:32 pm  #1

Paranormal investigator is deluded

My neighbours son has got two sons aged 10 and 8 the son and their mother are no longer together.
but my neighbour has the two boys,at the weekend. they came up last weekend and were crying when it was time for bed.she asked them why and they said ZOZO was talking to them making them afraid.
it turns out their mothers new partner, calls himself a paranormal investigator.
he has been doing the Ouija board every day since he moved in.
they bought a porcelain doll for a Demonic entity to enter the doll. he doesn't smudge the board he doesn't say a prayer of protection,,
​my neighbour had him them to do a Ouija board in her house,i told her she was stupid for doing so as you cant control who comes through. it frightened her she said she wouldn't do it again.
​apparently this guy has said this demonic entity has  started following the mother saying nasty things.
​her partner thinks its cool. he is an idiot.to me they should be Licenced

The spoken word always comes back as whispers in the wind.

10/31/2019 11:53 am  #2

Re: Paranormal investigator is deluded

May have more to do with feelings and the mind then the board.


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