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9/05/2019 10:58 pm  #1

Spider & Lady bird, party and bus journey

Dreamt I was at home and there was a poisonous spider and a lady bird. The spider bit the lady bird and it started to swell up and fall on its back with legs expanding like the Michelin man. I was watching horrified but there was nothing I could do. The spider had been poisoned too and before I left I saw the spider was nuzzling against the ladybird which was now a fluffy cat that was dead. I thought it was a good thing I left it there so the spider could grieve. I went to a party all dressed up and something told me to go back downstairs so I did and I saw my boyfriend in the dream going up to a woman and speaking to her. I knew he was cheating or lying to me so I said it was over and I left. When I got outside I changed out of my flowery dress and flowery boots and put on some more comfortable clothes. I put some sandals on and was trying to do up the laces but it was taking ages and I couldn't tie them as the lace was so long. Then I realised they had fallen off. There was a pile of flowers on the floor that was the laces so I looked at my sandals and saw they looked ok anyway and carried on without them. I got on a bus and saw a club that was advertising drugs and women. I thought it was bad how they were advertising this stuff to people that will fall into its trap. Then the bus reached the end of the area I lived in and I stayed on the bus feeling glum. Then it carried on and started going somewhere I didn't recognise. I noticed there were celebrities on the bus and one woman who was very funny started making jokes to everyone on the bus and being funny. I laughed and thought it was strange so many celebrities were on my bus as I live in a crappy area. I asked where the bus was going and they said somewhere far away and I was shocked. I didn't realise the bus was going to take me this far away from home. I was trying to work out how to get back home and when a bus would be coming in the other direction as they only come about every half hour. I asked the driver to stop but he didn't and I saw a bus go past in the other direction. I was annoyed and said that I could be on my way home now. A few stops ahead he stopped while I was trying to get my phone to work to check the bus timetable and I was standing on the ground but it was rocking like they were waves and I felt like I was standing in a bay of the sea.


9/06/2019 10:37 am  #2

Re: Spider & Lady bird, party and bus journey

This is how you would feel about leaving your family process behind. You are on you way to being your self. Those passengers were parts of you. As you grow, there is no way back to the old ways.


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