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8/31/2019 8:24 am  #1

Matt and my dream

Matts dream - It was like ww2. Buildings demolished. Him and i were Stranded. Train to help survivors. Bar in the middle. We were walking up dirt track. Woman impaled on something. Walked over to see if ok. She was dead. Matt looked back several times. She gave an evil smile and was playing a violin. Smile like she wanted him dead. But when I looked back she was just dead. We Walked down dirt track found an abandoned house. Loads of concrete steps. Matt said stay and set up shelter. Matt walked back to bar. There were cigarette packs on bar with two guys. Matt waited for them to look away and grabbed the cigarettes and ran. He went another way through a cabin to lose them as they noticed and started shouting but they were clever and went through the bar to a cabin and caught Matt and took the cigarettes.

My dream - I was at my mums house and my sister told me that my Nan has accidentally left a recording on at her party and had recorded loads of conversations. She was being off with me and said the video was in the top 500 online. It was going viral. I tried to listen to it but it was too quiet so I read the comments and my old school friends were talking and writing about me. I was confused and trying to work out what I said. I spoke to my other sister and she said that I said something about not wanting to be there and there was more. I was worried as sometimes I say things in response to Matt and felt I'd been set up. Then I went to my sister again and asked her what I said and she told me that I was moaning about her and other things. I told her I didn't mean it and I was just anxious about being at the party because of other people. I wondered why she had to post everything online. Then as I was walking upstairs my stepdad tried talking to me and I told him to F off a couple of times and I went up to the top of the house. Then I dreamt I was a Chinese woman with a newborn baby. I was getting on an airplane that was gigantic and had to strap myself into the seat with the strap around my baby as the flight would be turbulent and I would fall out the seat if I didn't. So I was trying to do it but couldn't and right as the plane was about to take off a flight hostess helped me and was strapping the bungie cord around me and the baby. I was trying to take a picture of me and my baby but I couldn't get the shot. I saw through the camera Vladimir Putin doing a military march with a parade of people and there was some big tanks. I was worried he would see me and think I was taking pictures of him which wasn't allowed so I put my phone down. Then my baby touched the ceiling window and burnt its hand as it was extreme weather outside and was really hot. Everyone was dripping with water inside as it was so hot.


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Re: Matt and my dream

You getting ready to fly, to leave a crazy situation behind. There are some things you need to deal with before you can be free. I think you are smarter than Matt, you have a higher IQ. Matt's dream not as complex as yours are.


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Re: Matt and my dream

I see that makes sense, I have been thinking about leaving bad situations behind me. Haha I think he would say he is the cleverest but I know that I am lol

We were most interested in what the dead woman impaled on a metal rod meant in his dream as he was most affected by this image. He said she only appeared alive to Matt and when he would look back she would be giving him and evil smile playing a small violin but when I looked at her she appeared dead. What does this mean?

Thank you

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Re: Matt and my dream

Crokadile Tears.


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