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8/28/2019 11:34 pm  #1

Dreams about Donald Trump

Dreamt I was with Donald Trump and we were getting close to each other. When I would leave I would go to give him a hug and he would push me away and say he can't be seen hugging me even though he wants to. So I would keep trying and eventually he started hugging me back. My brother come in and said oh you're hugging Trump. Then Trump said there was blood drips all over the floor. I noticed my right shin had two small cuts and my shin was covered in blood that was dripping everywhere. His wife and family didn't know he was close with me so we were quickly trying to hide the blood. Then I left and was driving my brother around. He was asking me to pick up other people and there were dogs around too. Then I got on a bus and my grandad was driving it. I pushed the bell but he didn't stop, then it was another person and he almost crashed then stopped further down the road so I had to walk back home. Then I was laying down with Matt watching a tv programme together where the people were being weird. One of the hosts was throwing a snooker ball in the air almost hitting other people.

Last night I dreamt I was dating Donald Trump. He came to my family home and my mum was cooking some processed meat for dinner. Trump refused to eat it so I stayed with him and went with him to the shower. I was watching him and talking to him and then I had a shower after and he was watching and talking to me. My brother came in after and was looking at me bemused like what is going on here between you two. Trump and I were walking around together and we went to find out about one of my grandfathers grave stones and burial location. We were holding hands and getting closer and people were looking and judging us. Then we had our first kiss and his advisor came over to tell him something interrupting us. We carried on and I found out about my grandads grave. When we was inside a room, Leonardo DiCaprio was standing opposite me and he looked hot! He was asking me to go with him him but I stayed with Trump. Then Emma Bunton, Baby spice, came up to me and done the same things but I said no and stayed with Trump. When we was walking away together I was thinking this is getting serious and I need to end things with Matt but that I didn’t want too.

Throughout the dream as I was getting closer to Donald Trump and he would touch or make contact with me I would get tingles and butterflies. I kept going to say that I love him but I held back as I didn't want to rush. I feel like this is a continuation of the dream I had the night before as it has trump, my brother, and a grandad figure in the dream but I don't know what it means.


8/30/2019 8:37 am  #2

Re: Dreams about Donald Trump

The dream means you are considering ending your relationship with Matt. Trump was your alternate Ego. He is a part of yourself. You were walking through your Family process and problems with him. You got tingles and butterflies as you thought of leaving the whole Family Mess and including Matt behind you.


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