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3/19/2019 10:05 am  #1

Weird wife dream

Hello dear friends, here is some weird dream that happened to my wife , which we would like to have your input since it sounds so bizarre:

'We live in this apartment, white painted, full of light, with many glass around.For some reason we started a fight, my mother was around. I saw you packing your stuff and calling me names and telling me that you do cannot tolerate me anymore and you wanted to hit me.I went to the window and called the police, and they told me that they were all busy. So i was complaining that you were very dangerous and they needed to come, so they asked me which name should they put in the invoice. I gave mine.You were still packing and went to my son's room and took the playstation that you don't even use.They you went out, and I was running behind but you were screaming, leave me alone leave me alone.Then my mother appeared and asked me; you went to prepare yourself?
I looked down the window and you were not there , nor the police.
 Then I dont know how, I was in a car and your brother was driving, like a crazy person in a small road, and i was telling him to stop and letting me go. He stopped the car and kicked me out. Then I was walking and was in a shopping mall, and stumbled across a famous person. The feeling in the dream was that I did some wrong thing, I miss you, I want to call, but I wont do it. 

Many thanks
Best of light'


3/19/2019 3:44 pm  #2

Re: Weird wife dream

You may have some guilt about setting yourself free from this situation.


3/19/2019 3:54 pm  #3

Re: Weird wife dream

Can you please try to be more specific?
What situation? (in real life we have no unresolved situation)

Thanks again

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