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3/04/2019 12:23 am  #1

Witnessing murder dream

I dreamt I was in a house and I was looking after a little girl who was being taken care of by my brother and sister in law. They had their own children there and wasn’t being as kind to the girl that wasn’t theirs so I was playing with her. I was getting a little crown/tiara out of its packet for her but part of it snapped so it wouldn’t sit on her head properly. I felt bad and tried to just balance it on her head anyway. Then my brother in law started hoovering and that was the end of that part.

Then I was at another house and Jay Z and Beyonce came into the house. I knew they were reptiles and very dangerous so I was doing my best to not step out of place and act as though I didn’t know. They were in the living room and I was washing up in the kitchen and watching them now and again through a veil. Beyonce went outside and I had to go in the living room, Jay Z was standing next to me and this man came striding into the room. I knew he was going to hurt him. He picked up a red rubber Batton type thing and I kept my back to it and hid my face and said no as he started to wack the guy around the head repeatedly until he killed him. His blood splattered everywhere and I felt the warmth of it hit my legs. I walked away as I didn’t want to cause any problems and get hurt too. I had to text Matt and let him know not to come home as they were here and would probably hurt him. I said I was going upstairs to tend to the children. I was trying to find a room where I would be able to text without them seeing me if they came up the stairs. I found a spot and started texting but the screen kept making the letters type wrong and I had to keep deleting and rewriting parts but eventually I sent him the text warning him. There were 3 children upstairs who I was caring for and two women that were panicked about who was downstairs.


3/05/2019 12:25 am  #2

Re: Witnessing murder dream

Last night I dreamt I was given a stone/crystal necklace at a family gathering. We had eaten a fish pizza. We all lay down outside to go to sleep. A lion slept by our heads, I saw a rhino go past, and some bears that settled near us. I saw a tiger sleep not too far to our left. There were other animals too that came and slept near us. I felt a bit scared at first but they just went to sleep so i relaxed and slept too.

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3/08/2019 12:29 am  #3

Re: Witnessing murder dream

I dreamt that my mum had let me down again (which she actually has) and my dog Lady was sitting with me and I noticed three sniper lights on her body. I was covering her so that they wouldn’t shoot her but one light would always still be able to be on her. So I layed over her and sheltered her from the possibility of being shot. The shooters came over and said I need to move out the way and I wouldn’t. Then I woke up in the dream and went to my Nan and told her about this dream. So it was a dream in a dream. She asked if I was hurt by anyone and I said yes and looked at my mum. Then I was getting the bus to work and there was this little two year old boy on the bus that fell in love with me. He was holding me close and kept kissing me and treating me like a girlfriend. I kept squeezing his cheeks and saying to him that he is so cute and then he would do it back to me. Then I had to get off and his boot fell off, so so stopped him from getting down and putting his feet on the floor until his dad put his shoe on. Then I got off and went into MacDonalds to get some breakfast but I was standing there not knowing what to get.

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3/19/2019 3:54 pm  #4

Re: Witnessing murder dream

As usual, you are having trouble communicating with Matt.There is still some venom In your family situation. You are feeling more comfortable with your own power.You are no longer a little kid.


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