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2/08/2019 12:19 am  #1

Princess Diana dream

I dreamt I was in a big building having classes or something and I saw my mum and stepdad out the window. So I knocked on the glass and they signalled me to meet them downstairs so i ran down there. On the wall we're loads of childish necklaces with beads and pendants and I wanted to look but mum said we don't have much time. I spoke to my mum briefly then went back. When I left I was waiting for a cab with Matt and it arrived but we jumped into another cab and he was driving it really fast away from the other cab that was chasing us.

Then I was sitting down in a church with princess Diana, the royal family were around us. She was unhappy but happy talking to me. She was on her period and asked me for sanitary pads, I said I have one and was finding it when a little boy that was next to me also gave her one. She had a beautiful princess dress on but you could smell her period and men in the group kept saying they could smell something loudly and she was embarrassed. Then to distract her I showed her my phone and she was amazed by the news and features of the phone but then a horrible woman came over and grabbed my phone off her to tell on her for looking at a phone and get her into trouble. But I grabbed the woman's wrist and looked her in the face and said she won't say anything and took the phone back. Prince Charles walked by and Diana looked sad, I comforted her and made sure she was safe.

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Re: Princess Diana dream

Back into your two worlds again. One with Matt and You Mom, and one where you are the princess. You are protecting yourself and keeping what is yours. You are still taking care of yourself.


2/09/2019 2:54 am  #3

Re: Princess Diana dream

I see that's interesting, I never thought of it that was before but I do feel torn a lot of the time like it's one or the other and that i need to take care of myself first and foremost now otherwise I won't be looked after the way I need. Thank you.

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