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2/04/2019 12:39 am  #1

Dream about job interview

I dreamt i was on my way to a job interview that i was interested in. I thought I knew where it was from her description but i couldn't find it. I rang and asked for the postcode, she told me it and I was trying to remember it while I funded something to write it down on. I wrote it down and searched it on my phone realising it was in a different area. So I made my way there and said I might be a bit late. I was 15 minutes late when I arrived. There was a group of people waiting to be interviewed and I was looking around thinking they look much more confident than me. There was the cutest little red dog that I greeted when I walked in and it stayed with me and I was stroking it. The interviewer looked impressed and was talking to me. She said she had her reservations about me as she had a feeling I would turn down the job. Instead of wasting time going through the interview I said that due to the location I wouldn't be interested but thanked her. I left and my mum and siblings were outside in a car, I asked if my mum could drive me to the bus stop so I could get home quicker. She took me and when i got out I had 5 mins till the bus come so I had to change my shoes and cross a busy road to get there, I done this and said bye and jumped on the bus.


2/04/2019 12:06 pm  #2

Re: Dream about job interview

This shows that in everyday life you are getting things done.


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