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1/26/2019 4:35 am  #1

Dream about cruise ship

Hey, I know you are travelling Thunderbow but I wanted to post this dream anyway as it felt significant in its meaning.

I dreamt I was at work and it was based in Cornwall at the seaside. Before getting there I was being driven to this place in a coach and on the way we drove down into a mountain pass and there was a giant waterfall that I was amazed by. When I was at work I was in a relationship with a lesbian couple. I only liked one of the girls though but I accepted the other so I could be with the one I like. I was sitting at work staring out the window, we were due to go on holiday at the end of the month but my boss said me and this girl could go on holiday now which was weeks early. I couldn't believe it and was so happy. We went to our home and were relaxing and being together. Then she had an idea for us to drive down to the beach and sunbath. We went down a wrong road and ended up ontop of the cliff over the beach. We went inside this cafe that was there and this man called Paddy McGuinness guided me inside. There were two little dogs and I was saying hello to them and Paddy was smiling as the dogs really liked me and were wagging their tails and jumping up at me. Then we went into this room and there were little birds flying into a tree and these beautiful animals that were like raccoons but they were so clean and elegant and were a dark brown and caramel brown stripe with soft fluffy fur and with long tails and they climbed over me and rubbed against me as they liked me too. Then later the girl and I drove down the right way to the beach and was relaxing on the sand. Then there was a cruise ship. We got on and was standing at the back having drinks, I was watching the waves and the way the cruise ship was changing the water. Then the cruise was heading to Belgium and it turned into a road ship were you can drive on the roads and we stopped somewhere in the streets. It looked scary to me and some boys sprayed liquid all over my bum when they walked past. I checked with someone that it was just water and nothing else that might have ruined my clothes. The locals were looking at us like they didn't like us and were going to take advantage if they could. We went into a shop and everyone was stereotypically looking at certain things, like the girls were all looking at the clothes. I thought it all looked like cheap tat so I just waited with the guides to leave. Then we got back onto the cruise boat and we was swimming across the sea and I could see a city line which I thought was London I was so happy to be home but then I saw ice caps in the sea near the shore and there we're wolves on them looking up at me. I was excitedly pointing them out to people. Then the buildings spread out as we got closer to the next shore and I didn't know where we was. It was all dark and scary. Above the tallest building was this black slug/snake like membrane almost in a circle with veiny bits coming from it. It was a powerful negative force it felt like. I was leaning out of the cruise getting pictures of it and asking people to hold me so I didn't fall off. It was like black tar and smog in a tube shape coiled into a circle above the building and the sky was red with clouds around. I thought if this was the start of the end of the world. We carried on past this place and eventually returned back to Cornwall and back to our home. Me and the girl tried having sex but it wasn't working and when I looked at her she had a stumpy stub and I was thinking that this isn't going to work. I need to be satisfied. Then we went back to work and I was making small talk with the other girl in the relationship and asked how work had been. She said it had been busy since we left. Then it went back to the mundane living of life.


2/01/2019 11:24 pm  #2

Re: Dream about cruise ship

"Then it went back to the mundane living of life". The dream was all about how you were feeling this week. A mixture of all kinds of feelings. A Parts Party for sure.


2/02/2019 4:54 am  #3

Re: Dream about cruise ship

I see, the black negative part was really scary and vivid, must have been quiet a negative feeling to be shown like that. Thank you

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2/02/2019 10:28 am  #4

Re: Dream about cruise ship

That vivid scary feeling could be a memory from your childhood.


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