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1/31/2019 3:34 am  #1

new house dream

Hey everyone,

For this dream I feel I should give a bit of the background:
We are a couple, living in the same building as my sister, with some of those family issues, so me and wife want to move.

So, my wife's dream:
"I dream that we've found a wonderful house with a big kitchen, with a big window to the city side.
The living room window was toward the sea, the balcony floor was transparent and we could see the sea crystal clear, and I looked at it and said "Oh, we can reach the bottom here". Then suddenly a wave came from the right side and I felt water drops, but the wave didn't crash on the balcony.
The person showing the apartment said, "Don't worry, you will never get affected by it".
It was a rise top apartment, can't recall the floor. The whole appartment was bright white and full of light.
Can't recall the person either, possibly was a man."


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2/01/2019 5:39 pm  #2

Re: new house dream

The waves in life do not affect her that much. She lives above it all. She can see what is around her. She is full of light She is probably a healer or a medicine person.The person showing the apartment was her inner self.


2/12/2019 4:21 pm  #3

Re: new house dream

Thank you, very much.

Best of light

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