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8/08/2016 2:03 pm  #1

Nature Spirits and Elementals

One day I began seeing what has often been the first lesson in alchemy. That is that everything can be seen as alive. At this point one learns a natural thing, that life can be perceived, seen clearly in everything you look at. You can say you have awaken to the spirit of the object or life form you gaze at. Statues can be well animated by working with the spirit form of every object. I have seen awakened spirits moving in many objects, talking, and at extreme points becoming an transformative elemental. I remember awakening my pants to become an earth elemental. I watched as my fabric became dirt first, then shifted into silver and then gold, and then thousands of tiny faceted diamonds. Sadly that pair of pants was stolen. I dont know how long the effect or the elemental would be willing to stay in that pattern of the pants. I have seen many elementals transverse the plain of objects and move fluidly into and across the plain of objects. Animating them, transforming them, moving them, swimming from object to object. Some spirits will only inhabit the original object they inhabit. I have a teddy bear spirit who wants to become more then just my teddy, so I told him he would become more. So much potential in many spirits they do not have to retain the same form and can work to become much more. enhancing their pattern and life form. I have seen many spirits pass into a friend I will be talking to, and sure enough I will be talking with one of the spirits I know who is possessing the person i am speaking with. I dont let my spirit allies do that anymore tho, unless its an emergency. I have met spirits who walk from host to host, inhabiting them. I have met spirits who could all at once inhabit a large area of people, and they would all be controlled by one spirit.

Anyways that's my rabble of how I work with different spirits.


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Re: Nature Spirits and Elementals

Sorry to hear that your pair of pants got stolen, perhaps they retained something from that time that someone found extremely attractive and they just had to have them. Crazier things have happened.

To my people everything has a spirits though agreed some are sleeping and you need to awaken them. I remember another medicine carrier got a reminder of this years ago when they were in a sweat lodge, they were young n still needed convinceing of things I guess the spirits thought. That lodge they wanted to communicate with the spirits of the rocks and when one of the hot rocks was put into the lodge it fell and rolled against there leg. That rock was hot and there leg was smarting all through that round, so much so before the next round they had to ask to go out and told the person leading the lodge what had happened. They went outside to see the burn and there wasn't even a mark on that leg.

That Medicine carrier walked about a bit and the leg stopped smarting, they remembered the lesson though and the person running the lodge gave them that particular rock which remains with them to this day. They are very close to the the spirit of that rock and works with it in all the medicine work they do.

Its an example that my friend wont mind me sharing as its an example that has been told many times to show others just how things do have a spirit.


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Re: Nature Spirits and Elementals

Oh cool.. I guess the stone didnt want to burn the person. I also have worked successfully with the spirit of the flame, but i need to be careful of it. It is kind to me but i still dont have it tamed yet fully. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

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