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9/11/2017 11:46 pm  #1

Old man teaching, medium threatens death and man kissing me dream

In the early hours of the morning I woke up I had been dreaming that I was with an old man and he was teaching me about my mind and explaining how it works and how he works his mind. He was teaching me about Alzheimer's and how to keep the mind going and functioning well. There were other details to the dream but I fell back to sleep before writing it down, I was hearing I should write it down but I was too sleepy to do so. My DNA testing shows I have a high chance of Alzeimers and my memory now at 25 is rubbish, It felt like this may be a guide/angel teaching me, I asked before bed for angels to be with me in my dreams.

When I woke up this morning I dreamt I was in a room with my partner sitting at a table eating dinner. my little sister Molly was getting a medium reading when they got to our room I was smiling at them expecting a good message and the reader was taken over by a ghost or spirit she all of a sudden looks very scary her face went all red and her eyes hallow looking right into my eyes and she started shouting "I will kill you! I will kill you! You will die of Vasculitis before you finish that meal" I was really scared by this and was crying there was some chocolate on the side but I didn't want to eat it because of what she had said.

Then I was in a building the scene, there was a man who had a wife that was in love with me and another woman he kept coming to kiss me and couldn't resist my energy. He knew he shouldn't be giving in but it felt so nice to kiss each other in this dream. This part felt like an exchange of love and kindness.

Is the disease part a warning? I'm having my heart investigated at the moment due to minor chest pain and breathlessness and now I am worried it is a warning or if it represents a part of me dying. Last night I was focused on embodying my higher self and I realised how pain and suffering is a 3D/4D experience which I felt If I focus on 5D then I can overcome these lower states of being, so could that be these parts of me that are dying? But also the medium interests me, I've wished to be a medium but have been scared to open to that, so could it be I am loosing this part of myself? Not sure of the meaning of this dream would appreciate interpretations to this. Thank you!

I also sleep with a quartz crystal that has an irredesent blue colour inside when you move it, I can't remember the  Name of it. But it's in an organza pouch inside my pillow case, this morning I woke up and the pouch was outside the pillow with no crystal in it and I can't find it anywhere at the moment.

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9/12/2017 9:01 am  #2

Re: Old man teaching, medium threatens death and man kissing me dream

The 1st dream shows you do not care to remember some things. That would be understandable, that we do not care to remember some things. The old man is your higher self.

The man who loved you is yourself. You 1st felt guilty about it, then knew it was OK to do so.

The medium dream may indicate that you are avoiding some emotional hooks that is being offered to you in real life. You are not taking the bait.


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