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8/29/2016 8:29 am  #11

Re: Taking responsibilty

No view is wrong or right. The point of view will always change with the place the view is seen from. I was talking about bullying.


8/29/2016 5:29 pm  #12

Re: Taking responsibilty

What is needed is someone on the outside looking in someone who is detached from the situation.then they wont be clouded by others judgements of oneself.
its the easiest thing in the world to be a bully ,but in my opinion a bully is just a coward.


The spoken word always comes back as whispers in the wind.

8/29/2016 8:55 pm  #13

Re: Taking responsibilty

We must be connected - 
Your caption had the name of one of my poems I wrote after Tom went home. 
"The spoken word always comes back as whispers in the wind"

Copyright 1998

As whispers in the wind do call, my soul eternally,
Memories of my earthly quest still remain a part of me.
A life cut short, a brief encounter,
To love my family, as all must honor.
Friends of old and recently met,
Your friendship has no boundaries within.
Times of strength, fear and survival,
All a part of earthly encounters.
Please don’t shed a tear for me,
For I am free as free can be.
No more pain, with the last breath I take,
You at my side I hold in my heart for keepsake.
Please cherish the moments I spent with you,
As someday we all will be with you.


People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 

8/29/2016 9:11 pm  #14

Re: Taking responsibilty

"The view is influenced by the experiences"
I agree with this. We all have free will and the choices are ours. 

We are molded by our life experiences. My experiences are not someone else's. 
But it sure if fun when someone you are sitting in the car with sees the same spiritual image you do. 

I can share something at work with co-workers in my excitement but unless they experience it themselves; they won't understand - and that's OK.

I am no expert on anything - just a student of life. 
All I can share are experiences that's all I've got. 
My daughter's father in-law is book smart; he disagrees with me all the time. I guess I should say argues with me all the time. He's right and everyone else has it wrong LOL 
However he's great at taking pictures of stars and the moon. His Cannon is amazing. He took a photo of the moon one night and I felt like I could reach out and touch it. 
In the last few months I've noticed him doing more things I like. 

I put the rocks down for my Medicine Wheel and he actually commented on how amazing it was. 
He even researched it. He likes to walk the grand kids up to see it once in a while. 


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People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 

8/30/2016 1:46 pm  #15

Re: Taking responsibilty

If you want to try a different tack re a Bully.. this really throws them.. Offer the hand of friendship as they are often inadequate and the Bullying is attentionseeking... I tried it on line twice and it worked...

There is a good way,  a bad way, and a better way.  For my path, I choose the better way..
Nicholas Black Elk

8/30/2016 2:08 pm  #16

Re: Taking responsibilty

As much as that is true being a bully to some misguided people is a badge of Honour, they thrive on the hold they have over others,


The spoken word always comes back as whispers in the wind.

8/06/2017 12:44 pm  #17

Re: Taking responsibilty

I have experienced on other forums where some members gave me a misleading advice, I am not knowledgeable about Spiritual matters that time but I am very loaded with different paranormal experiences all my life.

On my first time to join Spiritual community, I followed the advice of a member and felt something wrong but I couldn't identify it until I avoided to log in for a couple of weeks and that's when my mind got clear and analyze the advices given to me. I realized the wordings  were the opposites, I have become vulnerable to attacks and delusions there that time and I am very thankful for the kindred spirits who helped me.


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