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11/19/2016 7:45 pm  #11

Re: Possible halt to the killing

Thunderbow wrote:

On the Navajo Reservation there are gangs, murder, and crime. Also there are drugs and more gang activity done elsewhere, all committed my Navajo people.In other towns in AZ, Some Navajo people are gang members doing the same exact thing as what you just posted here, When I was working at the Grand Canyon, a Navajo man stabbed to death a Hopi lady, and shoved the body under the bed. That happened just a few doors down from me. The murder rate is high on the reservation.

Going by the reasoning posted above, all Navajos should be returned to the reservation, because they have gangs throughout AZ. They also commit many murders, thus they make AZ very unsafe. Obama refused to restrict Navajos to the reservation, so he is to blame for all this crime in AZ.

I am sure you think the last sentance I just posted above to be irrational. But then so is the above argument. Murders are committed by individuals. Gangs are a group of individuals.The actions of these individuals do not represent the whole Navajo Nation, no more than the acts of those illegals represent all illegals entering this country.

Gangs are acomplex social problem that is associated with drugs and other activies. The is no simple solution. They even have taken over the Grand Canyon! You police done their job, so has Obama. Please do not blame a whole group of people for the actions of some gang indivuals. Do not buy into the fear mongering.


The gangs discussed here are gangs of a purpose. That purpose is violenence and illegal activity. The navajo nation is not that kind of gang. Maybe some are acting that way. But not all of them cause the navajo purpose in life is not killing and commiting crimes.

Im not saying anything more. The direction this is going in round about accusations is not for me. I wish to leave in peace on this.  But i thank you for your time and wish u well. Im  not taking it personal.  You dont know me. Nobody in my lifetime has gone about attempting to create a guilt trip for being happy my family is safe. For me thats where i draw the line.

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11/20/2016 8:30 am  #12

Re: Possible halt to the killing

Illegal activity and violence is part of the gang lifestyle, and it is world wide. The killing and violence is all about control. Your family is safe, unless they are part of rival gang, which they are not, as far as I know. I am not attempting to make you feel guilty. Implying the fear that all a gang is interested in is just killing and nothing else, is just fearful thinking, without understanding the whole problem. Yes, there is much killing involved with gang activity, and it is world wide, and not just in your area. No need to let fear rule your life. You are a truck driver and face a much greater risk of being killed on the road, than being killed by the gangs in your area.

You know I am not creating a guilt trip about you being happy that your family is safe. You know that. Fear will not make your family any safer, or will Donald Trump, or will deporting millions of illegals. Their real safety depends on rational thinking, observation, and courage. Knowing the real odds, with out them being exaggerated by those with political goals of controlling you and your family.


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