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10/02/2016 12:49 pm  #1

Glowing visitor

Im not a native american so my experience was at a home j used to live in coarsegold ca. Coarsegold is a small town in the foot hills of the sierra's.

I moved there cause i had a dream my grandfather was there. Come to find out he lived there. I thought maybe he was dead or something cause why did i have this dream? So it was nice to find out he wasnt.

So i thought about coarsegold and eventually moved out of phoenix back to california. Then i went up to visit my grandfather in coarsegold. Decided to move there.

Some years later i took up an interest in meditation and curiosity of what i experience energetically.

A short while into it one evening i went outside to hang out. Up above me was a glowing orangish red blob in the sky. I watched it for a while. Making sure i wasnt delusional i called up a girl i knew down the road to see if she could see it. She saw it to. After a while i went inside to go to bed. I guess it left some time that night cause it was gone in the morning.

I dont know what it was? But it was an interesting experience.

When my third eye began opening up some time later it began in my dreams. And they kept saying your an alien. Whatever it was that was opening it. They or whatever it was would be opening it and say that. I dont know what that was suppose to mean. Alien can mean a lot of things.

A few years later i found out beings or what ever can talk through me if i am in enough need of help. The first major experience of this i got a lot of help from beings that i believe to be aliens. I think so cause they said to me i must remember them. Cause i used to wear a shirt that had their picture on it. The shirt they were talking about was redish and had a picture of an alien on it. The truth is i dont remember them. I just really liked the shirt and find aliens interesting. Since its such a mystery. They referred to themselves as the original jews. And they read what they called the script. What i found is in that experience what the script says happens. And in that energy of that experience it becomes easy to know a lot of things.

The only other thing that is alien oriented that i had experienced was maybe recalling like an abduction of some sort. Felt the same is a past life recall experience. Comes from the heart. Memories come and then release the emotions that needed releasing. I dont know whether there ever was an abduction or not. I just know that releasing the emotions tied to it made me grow energetically.

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Re: Glowing visitor

Emotions are the key here. Go with your feelings.


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Re: Glowing visitor

Thunderbow wrote:

Emotions are the key here. Go with your feelings.

Thanks Thunder bow!  And opens doors. Literally sometimes. Lol

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