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9/16/2016 3:34 pm  #1

Mass death of Horseshoe crabs in Japan..

Up to 5000 Horseshoe crabs have been washed ashore on a beach in Souther Japan..    Usually they come there to breed and records saysome die after laying their eggs but the figure is 8 to 10 daydeaths a day..  This is 5000 inone hit!!. The entire beach is covered with them. 
They are not true crabs it seems but related more to Spifers and Scorpions, but are an Endangered species... No obvous answers as yet nut scientists say the reason points to Global warming... The Earth is truly being messed up by the current occupants.....

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9/16/2016 5:46 pm  #2

Re: Mass death of Horseshoe crabs in Japan..

My friend said something about this she had been told by someone who has family in japan what had happened.she was saying kids were crying they were overwhelmed by how many had died,
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