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1/26/2020 4:10 pm  #1

Missing Natives

i was watching a programme  tonight by stacy Dooley im not keen on her but i watched it anyway it was how the Idiginous people in canada were treated as second class citizens. how the Native women had gone missing and found murdered. as they lived in rural places they had to hitch a  Lift, into a town .
 When they were reported missing they were fobbed off by the police.they didnt care as they were only Natives.
 then it went to a reservation and the Elder was saying how the kids were all taken away from their parents and put into Schools trying to convert them into a Christian way of thinking.
This is not something new to me as i heard this many moons ago.
  the women were forced into prostetution. 
 But this is still going on today i know of someone who has been asking. about the Men going missing from the reservations. their families are desperate for News. but to no avail.and she tells me the police do nothing again.
 This is so wrong i was Angry just watching it.

The spoken word always comes back as whispers in the wind.

4/03/2020 9:16 pm  #2

Re: Missing Natives

Wow, I just watched that documentary. Evil, that is all there is to it. Just plain evil... 

Breaks my Heart to see this happen... 


4/13/2020 3:11 pm  #3

Re: Missing Natives

It is not anything new to hear this is still going on today.especially from the people I speak with,
but it is wrong none the less.

The spoken word always comes back as whispers in the wind.
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