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1/14/2020 12:32 am  #1

Witches and mould dream

Dreamt I was in a pool of water and there were witches everywhere. When they come out to the pool we had to hide under the water for up to an hour and not let them hear us. If we breathed under water they would hear the bubbles. Some people made noise and the witches started to eat them then someone else would make a noise so they would go to them. It was horrible and this would happen around the same time everyday. Then I was out shopping with Matt and we saw my sister I don't really speak to and her boyfriend. She came over and gave us both a hug and we made up. It was so nice to hug her. We were all going out places together. We were looking in a shoe shop and I was on my own for a while. Chloe came running over to me later saying they had forgotten about me and drove off but I didn't even realise they had. I went with them and we went back to her boyfriends house. I was cleaning up some mess Matt made on the floor and Chloes boyfriend was taking pictures of me. We had a nap and then they suggested going for pizza which I was excited for and agreed. We went outside after collecting little shot glasses with some money in to play poker later that evening. I wasn't dressed up but I didn't care. I let my hair down into a ponytail and continued on.

There was another part of the dream where our neighbour downstairs was moving house so she said we could have her flat instead if we wanted before anyone else got there first. We wanted a ground floor flat with a garden so we went and had a look. I looked in the cupboards and it was full of thick mould. Everywhere was so thick with mould. Not just little bits here and there, but inches of it in every cupboard and throughout the flat. It smelt so bad and we realised it wasn’t as secure against break ins or floods as our flat being up higher and we decided to definitely stay in our flat.


1/14/2020 9:17 am  #2

Re: Witches and mould dream

A dream of more family process. It seems you have let your hair down around the family, and not so anxious in the situations. You are staying above it all (mould) Old family history.


1/14/2020 10:29 am  #3

Re: Witches and mould dream

Cool thank you. The witches were really scary, is that a representation of my family?

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1/14/2020 10:46 am  #4

Re: Witches and mould dream

They probably represent accusations made by family members. One is safer being out of site, out of mind.


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