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9/25/2019 9:37 pm  #1

Torture dream

I was in a fire engine with a stranger but it felt like Matt. He was driving so fast on wet puddle roads that people were getting violently soaked by water spraying from the wheels where he was driving fast in puddles and it was soaking/whipping people. Got into a fight with some women about it and he was arrested. Then I was at home with siblings and my sister that I don't speak to started to attack the house, but it also felt like and was my brother at times too/ a stranger and then the sister I mentioned was in the house getting hurt with us. I dreamt Matt and I had some secret paths to an area in the trees that we spent time together and this was all cut back and exposed so we couldn't go there anymore. I was in the house looking out and at the end of the back garden on the street I could see this person attacking us surveilling us and getting people to investigate the areas we used to hang around. Then we started to be attacked. My sister/brother was trying to get in the house. I was trying to stop them but I couldn't lock the doors. We were tortured and one part at the end of it all we were in the living room and I was sitting in one corner and my youngest sister in the other, and my horrible sister I mentioned was throwing knives at us. But it was like it was paining her to do so but she was going psycho and was doing it anyway. She threw a huge knife and as I moved my head to one side from fear, that was the side she threw it and it missed my head/left eye by a centimetre. I was crying and distraught and she looked shocked. She threw one at my sister and it just missed her. I was so scared and was trying to let Matt know what was going on but I couldn't let her see I was texting. So I remembered if you click your phone button 5 times it calls the police automatically. She threw another knife at me and it landed in the same place. As soon as I had alerted the police, she didn't know I had but she left and I thought that was typical. I locked the back door only just when she tried coming back. She threw a stapler at the back window but the glass was strong. I ran to the front door but couldn't lock it so I held the handle in case she tried coming back in. I saw a guy outside who was surveilling us and he said he wasn't doing it anymore and left. She went after him out the front but then she changed and it was my brother.  Then I saw a huge black tank arrive and I thought thank God we are saved and armed men got out and grabbed my brother/this stranger and I thought we are saved. So I text Matt saying we are ok and went and told my sister who was the one attacking us but then changed to being attacked with us. She was in the bath covered in blood so I told her we would be ok now. I went to find my youngest sister and told her we were safe now and I started sobbing and as I was sitting with her, my brother/this person who was the attacker came walking back into the house and stood by us saying that our plan hadn't worked and he had been let go. It was like a horrible twist of a horror story. I was petrified we were going to be hurt again and was angry that the police hadn't come inside to check everything and they would have seen we had been attacked and hurt badly.


10/01/2019 9:13 am  #2

Re: Torture dream

So many pointed words being thrown at each other in family arguments. You are trying to protect yourself form those words. Those arguments can turn into bad horror stories.


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