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9/21/2019 10:19 pm  #1

Work, penitence and spiders

I dreamt I went back to work and there was loads of work to catch up with. Barb asked me to make up 5 lots of sandwiches and some cakes. There were packs of icing to lay on top and decorate the cakes. I done them all in an hour but realised I forgot one bunch of sandwiches so I started to make them quickly. I was being shadowed on my first call back to make sure I was doing ok. I was writing everything down and then was going to fill it out on the computer as this person was sitting at my pc. I saw afterwards they marked my feedback negatively because of this, saying I didn't know how to do it properly. But I did, I was just choosing to do it this way as he was in my way. Also the way they wrote had errors and was really unintelligent. Then I sat down in the lunch area with two men and they ignored me at first, then we started talking. We ended up on a bus with another girl. The weather changed dramatically to a ferocious storm approaching. My dad sent me a picture asking if he should do the lottery or get out of the storm. I sent him back a picture of the sky. When we got off the bus it was me, two guys and the girl. There was a man hunting us down and would pick off one person at a time. It was like judgement and each time I thought he would pick me but he didn't. We would run into cages to be protected but the others would run ahead and close the door and I would think they are leaving me out to die but they would let me in. I saw the painful ways the others would meet their death. Like the woman was laid down and had a pen type device pushed into her carotid artery and died. One of the men was swallowed into a pit of pain I can't remember what it was, like ice of fire. Then I was transported from this situation and everything changed. The mood was bright, sunny, warm and peaceful. I saw an older woman that felt like me who was happy and whole. She told me that I've already paid my penitence and that what I saw won't be my fate. I was relieved! Then I was in bed and woke up with those thick woven spider webs above my head above my bed. I moved away and looked at it. It looked so thick and like a web trail of dust. I could see a big spider in there and it looked like there were other ones. I thought to myself I must clean that when I get back home.


9/25/2019 6:55 am  #2

Re: Work, penitence and spiders

It looks like you are healing and getting the cobwebs out of your mind.Your healing involved some painful times.


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