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9/20/2019 12:56 am  #1

Family event, earthquake and spiders dream

Dreamt I was with my mum and sisters and we were going to a royal event to commemorate war veterans. As our family had been in the war we were invited. We were getting ready but I didn't have anything nice to wear so my sister let me wear her boots and a ring. We were in a bar and my mum and sister started to get drunk and argue with people there. My sister starting to have a physical fight with someone and I was so embarrassed. They kicked them out so I followed. We had to go to Westminster which was one tube stop away but everyone was told to walk so we did. When we got there, we saw the queen and lots of royalty and then there was a ceremony for the war veterans. Afterward we were drinking in a bar and I could see singers that were performing doing satanic hand symbols and as I looked around everyone was doing it. I left and told my family they needed to leave too. We were walking down a street queuing to get some food. I was next in line to get my food and I was going to get a burger when the ground started shaking. We had to run as the tops of the buildings were crumbling and falling into the street. It turned into a game type view, where it was just me running down the street to get to the end. Everyone was waiting for me there and I had to time my running and stopping to avoid the huge concrete debris that was falling from the sky. As it would start to fall I would sprint to get past it and it would crash into the ground just behind me. I got to the end just about and everyone greeted me. We got back home and my sister asked for her boots and ring back so I was taking them off. As I took them off I noticed they still had the price tag with the security film ripped off. I wondered if she had stolen them. Then I went to my room and saw big spiders in there. There was one on my bed, then I noticed another one that ran to the corner of the room on my clothes. I went to capture them so I could throw them out the window but they were so big and as I stepped in I noticed more. There were also other little bugs crawling around so I just shut the door.


9/25/2019 7:14 am  #2

Re: Family event, earthquake and spiders dream

The sky is falling in this dream. Many things are bugging you right now concerning your family. The sky is falling in on the whole mess!


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