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9/19/2019 1:49 am  #1

Trump at theme park dream

I dreamt I was at a theme park with my work and this guy stood up twice and accused me of taking something of his and then accused me of taking his table. I said I hadn’t and found the table anyway that someone else had. I gave Josh a cuddle from behind who had the table, but they were looking for it for Josh anyway. He went red and smiled at me. Then we saw trump walk past. I said that i loved him and that he is a bundle of chunky love. I went after him trying to get his attention but he had headphones in and couldn’t hear me. Everyone was queuing to go on a water slide so I was behind him and when we started going down from the top he looked lost about what to do. So I sat right behind him and sat him up straight and went down the water slide with him. When we got to the bottom I was talking to him. I asked if he’d like to go a shortcut way out of the car park to the rest of the theme park or the long way that was the proper way to go. He looked dubious about going the shortcut over the mud so I said ok let’s go the proper way and laughed. Then as I was talking he looked at me, told his phone call to hold on, took his earpiece out and pulled me to the side under a tree. He went to tell me something but i spoke and said can you imagine how this whole country would change if everyone knew what the queen really was. He looked at me surprised and straight away went to tell the person on the phone to release the information. I told him to hang on and wouldn’t it be better to wait until everyone is at home in bed rather than now where riots could start and most people are outside. He said riots wouldn’t start but I thought they would. I suggested to him if he could send everyone the information so everyone can see and watch it for themselves.


9/19/2019 9:21 am  #2

Re: Trump at theme park dream

Trump is a part of you, as I said before. Your life will change when you express who you really are. 


9/20/2019 12:53 am  #3

Re: Trump at theme park dream

How do I express who I really am? I feel like people will not be happy with me rocking the boat

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9/25/2019 6:45 am  #4

Re: Trump at theme park dream

Sometimes one must rock the boat. You will feel better. ( I am up working in Yellowstone )


9/25/2019 9:52 am  #5

Re: Trump at theme park dream

Ok thank you. Ah cool what work you doing there?

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10/01/2019 11:04 am  #6

Re: Trump at theme park dream

Working at the main laundry for October.


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