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9/18/2019 11:05 pm  #1

Race and party dream

Dreamt I was taking part in a race around a house and I really wanted to win. I got ahead of the leader at the start and kept my lead. Then near the end my brother kept trying to overtake me. I was putting my arms out blocking him from overtaking me. At the end there was a door with exit above but I thought it was a trick so I went to the left down a hallway but looked back and saw my brother ran out the door and everyone cheered him as he had won. I quickly ran out to get second place and I saw my mums face she looked at me gutted for me. I was annoyed he won and threw a screwed up napkin at me then a news reporter told me that was good luck. Then I thought if I hadn’t put my arms out and blocked him from overtaking he would have won anyway. Then I dreamt Matt was driving me as an old friend from school called Jade messaged me asking if I wanted to meet up. Matt was driving and I saw her in the car in front. Then I realised my ex boyfriend was driving the car in front so I told Matt and we stopped following them. We went back to a house and I was in the living room with an Irish guy called David who I do business with at work who Is based in Ireland. We were flirting with each other then we kissed and were intimate but didn't have sex. Then my mum come in so we stopped and then my dad and Matt and my sister came in. I was sitting there and my mum asked my dad if he'd ever had a blowjob and it got really awkward so she hid in a cupboard. Then we told her to stop being silly so she got out and was behind Matt. I saw they were quite close and practically spooning which annoyed me cause Matt wasn't cuddling me. I pulled him towards me away from her. The next day we went to my sisters party and at first Matt was with me but when more people arrived her disappeared. I was sitting at a table eating nice food including yummy cakes. People were coming over and saying hello and children were sitting with me and everyone else with me. Then I could see out into the garden/field on the bottom of the hill my mum sitting with Matt and a couple other people. A girl in a leopard dress walked off to get a drink and I saw Matt run after her shortly after and thought why would he run after her like that. My mum looked at me like she felt sorry for me. I was talking to a girl called Amber but excused myself and went looking for them. My sister come with me and was annoyed I wanted to go the long way round to try and find them. I saw Matt and the girl walking towards me laughing together then they disappeared into thin air. I was looking around but couldn't see them. We walked to the end hut to make drinks and I was pissed off. Then I was woken up.


9/19/2019 9:28 am  #2

Re: Race and party dream

Your mind was processing more family stuff in this dream. Your hopes vanished into thin air. Amber was you, and your were hoping for that kind of relationship with Matt, that was not going to happen.


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