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9/18/2019 12:49 am  #1

Dogs and family dream

Dreamt that I was getting a bus to work with my sister and it was late so we were standing there talking and waiting for it to arrive. The next day she decided to drive us to work and we stopped at a shop. I was going to go in to get some hard boiled toffee sweets but I couldn't make my mind up between the hard and the soft. Then other people walked by and took them anyway. Then I started looking around the shop and was picking up music CD's and went to the checkout. There were people in front of me and when I realised I had picked up loads of Satanic music and the shop was just tempting me I put it back and left the shop. I had been ages and when I got back in the car we only had 10 minutes until work and was going to be late. My sister wasn't very happy. Then later in the dream my dog died. I was so upset as she was my best friend. Matt bought me two other dogs, black corgis, and later another one that was from another litter from the same parents. I was walking them down the road, training them to stay on the path and to walk with me. I thought they were great but I was so overcome with emotions about my dog Lady that had died. Thinking how great she was and how much of a character she had and that I won't ever be able to replace her. I felt really sad and missed her so much. Then later in the dream I was getting ready to go out with my family. I was getting all my stuff ready the night before to get ready in the morning. I went to bed with Jim Carey and we had sex but it was rubbish and without passion. We were cuddling after and I felt my mum would look in at some point and she did, she slid the door open and peaked in without knocking. I got up and went into the kitchen. Some of my family were in there smoking. I spoke to them for a while and went to bed. The next morning I woke up and was looking out the window with a little girl. Her sister and mum were talking to each other out the window either side so I told her and she looked out to see them. Then a little boy came walking across the roof tops and I told her to look. He saw the little girl and was staring at her walking closer and I said that he likes her. Then he ran off. As I was getting ready my mum had purple in her hair and started having a go at me. She was looking for her bike and thought I had it. I told her I didn't and to stop talking to me like that. She carried on being rude so I squared up to her and told her to stop talking to me disrespectfully or I won't talk to her again, and she stopped.


9/18/2019 9:02 am  #2

Re: Dogs and family dream

In this dream you are respecting yourself more. You are not so hard on yourself anymore. You are not so rude with yourself anymore. The loss of the dog means the loss of your old ways of living. You chose a good Way for yourself.


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