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9/17/2019 12:16 am  #1

Footballer dream

Dreamt I was at work ill with a big jumper and wrapped in a huge blanket and the footballer Ryan Giggs came in. People were excited and trying to make good rapport with him but eventually they all went quiet so I was talking and carrying on. Then he come over to me and I said hello Ryan Giggs and waved but my hand was bent from where it had been squashed against me in the blanket. And he smiled and started talking to me. He said you've had a DVT blood clot, which I had in the dream, and he was talking to me about it. Then he asked if I wanted to go with him. We got into his big car and the seats were so soft and squidgy I said to him I've never sat on car seats so soft. We were driving and he was kissing me and we were intimate with each other. He ejaculated all over the dashboard, it was quiet a comical scene in that it seemed unreal, there was so much of it. Then we went to his house and he had a daughter there. She came over to me and I sat with her and was talking to her. Then I was looking around and he was saying how he's been looking for someone like me as he saw me being kind to his daughter. I was looking around his house as it was so big and lovely. I was getting dressed after spending the night there. He came over to me with holding his daughters hands apologising that she kept wearing my shoes and I said it was fine. He said to me after looking at me that my frame would look better if I had a boob job (Matt said this to me once) and I said I'd thought about it in the past but I don't want the fake football looking ones. He said he would make sure I got the best. Then he was going to take me back home. We were talking about things, I was asking him questions about his life. I asked about his trip to Bolivia and he said how they live on steep hillsides and climb hundreds of meters with on a sheer face of a cliff/hill and that they dig and climb through holes just beneath the surface to get up and down easier. I said I wouldn’t be able to do that as I would probably fall from a height. He was being very affectionate towards me and I wondered if he was serious about me. I was wondering if I was finally going to have the luxurious life I longed for.

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Re: Footballer dream

If the shoe fits, wear it That means his daughter is a part of you. Ryan Giggs Is also a part of you. A more self critical part. Sometimes he can mess up your life, keeping you from enjoying it fully. Sometimes he is hard to reach. But he can be affectionate towards you.


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