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9/16/2019 12:34 am  #1

Cheating, fire, Cyprus and work dream

Dreamt that Matt wouldn't come with me to a family get together. I could see through a Birdseye view that he was cheating on me. I saw him going to see a woman who was older than me and being intimate with her. I was shocked that he was doing that and that when I asked him about it he was lying to me. Then I was at my family home as we had split up. I was being told not to trust my stepdad and although he seems sweet to my face, it's not genuine and he only does it because he doesn't want me to go to Cyprus. I was excited that I was meant to go to Cyprus and felt more determined to go without letting anyone get in the way now I knew this. I was with someone smoking in the back garden and the sparks flew into a tree which started a fire. I was watching it thinking that it might go out but it didn't and turns into a blazing fire. I ran inside and it turned into a massive building like a shopping centre with an airport. I saw Leonardo DiCaprio with his children trying to carry them and his bags to this outside space. While he was talking to his children, his bags were stolen and he only had his suitcase left. He carried on and I followed to an outside square. When I was out there I wondered if I would be protected from the fire and what if I couldn't get out of this square. Then I was at work at the park having my lunch. A colleague Adrian was talking to me about future opportunities and I said I needed to get back as my break was over. He kept talking to me then left with me. I had my dog with me and we jumped on a bus but it didn't stop when we needed to get off so we had to walk back further to work and was late. I was calling my dog Lady to stay on the path and not go into the road which was challenging. Then she done a poo outside my work and while I was picking it up loads of people were watching me from outside and the window above. I got a little bit of poo on my fingers as I tied the bag and was annoyed. I took Lady inside and washed my hands.


9/16/2019 8:38 am  #2

Re: Cheating, fire, Cyprus and work dream

What does Matt have in common with your stepfather? You see somethings in Matt, that you saw in your stepfather. You are still having trouble leaving your situation. You left some emotional baggage behind. Fire means change and transformation. The poop means what you feel about your job. The road is challenging in life. You are always cleaning up the poop associated with work. You are considering future opportunities.


9/17/2019 12:11 am  #3

Re: Cheating, fire, Cyprus and work dream

That they are both dishonest. They may not lie outright all the time, but they are not open and do not voluntarily give the truth as any normal person without anything to hide would. They are both sneaky and calculating in their conversations with people that you fall for it at the time but may feel uncomfortable or like something isn’t right, then later I realise that they obviously weren’t being honest with me or themselves. They do lie outright as well but you have to be a step ahead of them both to catch them doing this. It’s horrible, especially when I’m so open and honest, makes me feel taken advantage of or stupid. The rest of what you said makes sense, I hope things will change and I will bear this in mind. Thank you!

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