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9/07/2019 1:26 am  #1

Witch fortune

I feel like this dream was a direct message. I dreamt stuff before but this was the most significant part that happened before I woke up.

I dreamt a witch came and flirted with Matt at dinner. He fed her a scallop. She asked him to escort him to get more food. I grabbed him away and told him to stay away from her. I ended up grabbing her and arguing with her. She left a tiny box with his fortune. A woman told me what it was and tapped it with a golden rod. It came open and was full of beautiful gem stones, that fell out onto the floor, and it also had a small princess ornament inside. All the things inside were so much bigger than the space inside the box. I knew it was magic. Another woman said I could read the fortune she left and the fortune of another man. I looked at this other man and said to him something has happened that means he can't go somewhere, that an illness or event meant he can't go and do something. He looked at me shocked. He said he had a progressive illness that meant he was dying and he couldn't go to something him and his wife had planned. Him and his wife were telling me how they make his food mushy so he can eat food ok. The witch told me the fortune of the man will be the same as Matts future. I was sad and distraught inside myself. I went back to pick up the stones on the floor. They were different colours and sizes but all light pastel colours like pink, green, gold and blue. They had glitter inside them.  She came and sat with me and was holding me from behind, hugging me and talking in my ear, stroking my hair from my face. I was rocking on the floor and she held me. She was telling me how Matt has been hiding an illness because he doesn't want to loose me and that's why we haven't got married even though my heart is set on it but that he is trying to have a baby because he knows he will die and he wants his line to live on. She said it will happen in the next three years. That this is why he can be so reckless in life because he knows it won't be forever or for much longer. She told me that I have been waiting to find that special spiritual book which I will find and for me to ask Matt to read it to me. She said to ask him to read it over and over again so I remember it and him reading to me well in my mind and I have those memories. I thought to myself and told her I would want a baby with him so a part of Matt lives on and I have a little Matt with me for my life. I asked her what the princess ornament in the bag meant and she said to me "I can't wait to see how your aura and higher self is renewed after this." I could see two heads of women above the clouds/horizon that looked almost like genies in the sky and they were floating around and looking at each other all fresh and beautiful and smiling at each other.


9/07/2019 10:59 am  #2

Re: Witch fortune

The witch is you, a part of yourself. She is telling you about how you are feeling about Matt. You feel the relationship is limited and you will not be with him much longer. You are growing and changing, Matt is not. You are being renewed.


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