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9/01/2019 11:52 pm  #1

3 part dream

Dreamt I was at work creating a piece of art, a painting. We had to think about what we were going to do and then had a week to finish it. I took my time and really put all my effort in. I was hoping I would win but in the end an old guy called Rod won, he painted a simplistic drawing and I was thinking about how detailed and intricate mine was but he still won. I thought it must be because he was more skilled and his painting effortless. I heard my bosses say I was a close second and I should be rewarded as well.

I was walking around a school hall where children were taking some art exams. I was walking with a friend and I come across this child about 10/12 years old who lived in a tent but was actually an old man. He could rewind time and be young in today's time, or go back to the future in the age he was. So he could time travel. He and I connected and we were walking and talking for ages. Then there was a part that we were intimate with each other and a member of my family saw and disapproved but she didn't know the truth that he was actually an older person in a child's body, his younger self.

Matt and I were in a hospital looking for a baby. We were walking down the corridors trying to see the name they were going to write on the whiteboard by the bed and if it was the baby we were looking for. We saw a few names but none of them where the right one. Then we walked through the hospital and there was a job Matt had done on building a new garden area in the hospital and we were talking to a nurse about it. Then I noticed there was water gushing inside and I told Matt. He pulled back the door and the entire inside was flooded with water and it was ruined you couldn't see any of his work. Afterwards I was laying down and Matts brother was sitting next to me and I was asking him how do I help or stop him from doing cocaine. I saw my family and extended family all having a picture taken. I could see the dynamics between each of them and which ones had taken cocaine at this gathering. I was surprised to see my Nan had. Matts brother was running his fingers around my knees when he was explaining to me how each person has a feeling through their veins that can't be replaced and that I can't stop him. I can only do my best to prevent it from happening. Then I saw in a film type review how Matts garden was before all the water flooded. It was beautiful. There were stone squares in one section that were beautifully carved and made a really interesting feature. There were beautiful plants everywhere and cool paths and features throughout the garden. It was large but compact and neat. Well presented.


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Re: 3 part dream

The time traveler is you. Once again your dream shows your smarts. You dealing Matt's more simplistic thinking, thus the Garden was ruined. You are smart and you know what is going on in the family. 


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Re: 3 part dream

Interesting, I see, I thought the garden was his garden but is it mine that’s ruined by his work in the dream?

Yeah they tried to turn me against Matt over something that happened but they were doing it too and gave him drugs so I think they are as bad as each other. Others tried to hide what they had done when I heard them anyway. And people like my Nan act innocent but I don’t feel they are. So that’s good to know what I pick up and feel I know about my family is true. It’s a headache!

The baby part in the dream, I wondered as we are trying for a baby, does this dream mean it’s not time yet for us as the baby wasn’t there that would be our baby?

Thank you!

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9/03/2019 10:47 am  #4

Re: 3 part dream

The baby represents new ideas, thoughts, and concepts. 


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