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8/24/2019 1:57 am  #1

Bad dream

I dreamt that my cat was being attacked by another cat. It was dark and I thought I was protecting my cat by pushing another cat away but then I saw the one I pushed away was limping. So I pushed he cat I was holding and picked up my cat. My cat had been bitten on its thigh and was a tortoise shell colour. The other cat was black and was constantly trying to attack my cat. I had to keep pushing it away and holding my cat so it wouldn't be attacked. Then my sister came downstairs and it was her cat so I told her how it was hunting down my cat and staring at it moving closer to attack and she picked up her cat and told it to go away but it was still trying to attack my cat. Later Matt and I went for a drive to go somewhere in the hills. He needed to get something and I said we were expecting my sister and her boyfriend at our house and he said not to worry that we'll be back in time. I saw a dad and his daughter go into KFC and thought I wanted some too. Then I was back home but it felt like a work environment. Emma Bunton was there and as we were talking, jokingly I put my middle finger up at her but it wouldn't do it as my hand was numb or something so I laughed but she didn't find it funny. She said I was going to be punished. I couldn't believe it and was pleading with her saying she is my favourite spice girl and why would she get me into trouble over such a small thing. That I was only playing tongue and cheek to what we was talking about. Then I woke up crying.

I’ve been feeling like my sister has been a bit off with me and wondered if I had been irritating her by messaging her most days as we normally speak less frequently. It’s her birthday party today so I don’t know what this dream means relating to my sister.


8/25/2019 10:18 am  #2

Re: Bad dream

The dream does relate to  your sister and her indirect  attacks on you. It may be best to keep your distance from her, from now on.


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