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8/10/2019 2:37 am  #1

Dream friend being framed for murder

I dreamt that someone was trying to frame my friend for murder. I was with them in my kitchen and I saw two women in the hallway. They sneaked in bloody clothes in bags and left them in our hallway. They were writing a fake note saying they were cleaners leaving the items there like a receipt to make it look like my friend had ordered their service. I ran after them and they folded up the paper and kept it among one of them. There were about 10 girls and I was trying to find who had the note so I could take it back so my friend wouldn't be framed for the crime. They were making it really difficult for me and I spent ages trying to chase them and find who had the paper. Then loads of people turned up who were friends of my other friends that lived with me. So I told them to go into the living room so they didn't take up every room. I went back outside and the girls were sitting on long leather sofas. I was examining each of them trying to work out who had the paper from their body language. I heard one of them say that they thought I had forgotten about them and given up. Eventually one of them flicked the paper to someone else but it hit the chair and landed on the floor so I picked it up and went back to the house to get rid of the bloody clothes. Then I was seeing a borough from a birdseye view about half hour from where I live now called Sevenoaks. I was shown a property on the border and then I was walking across a green and was seeing a man sitting in a estate agency daydreaming staring out the window. I walked towards him and smiled.

I had a mediumship reading a few weeks ago that said my deceased grandad is with me all the time watching over me and he is very close to me. I was talking to Matt last night about it and said I wished that I had asked the woman more questions. My grandad died before I was born but apparently he killed one of his children when they was a baby. My Nan went to prison for this to protect him apparently I don’t know what the truth is. I wonder if this dream is a message relating to this as I was saying I would want to ask about that and if he done it.


8/12/2019 10:18 am  #2

Re: Dream friend being framed for murder

All you can do is day dream about this. As you can see, the facts are quite elusive.


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