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8/07/2019 6:40 am  #1


Dream that I was at my home and president trump was here. There were two girls in my bed and me and he was letting me use his phone to play a game were you walked around and got money. I was getting some exercise and saw my old school friend who said to me I look well and better but not unwell yet as I had lost weight but not enough. I went back to my house and I told trump I accidentally called a Chinese or Japanese president and sent a text to Matts friend. I told him so he could sort it out. Then we lay down to go to sleep and Trump said to me a guy was coming to drop some money off. I woke up in the night and there was a guy that come in and said to me don't worry he's just dropping off the money. He gave me £20 and some leaflets. Then I walked to the door after he went and saw one of the hinges had been taken off so the door was unlocked and anyone could get in. I looked outside and there were two girls trying to get in and other people around as well. The two girls looked scary and were right by the door so I grabbed a really long samurai sword that had a bulge at the end and was pointing it at them saying I will use it. I was calling for trump to help me but he was just laying there and trying to turn on his phone. The girls didn't believe me and were coming into the flat so I pushed the sword into their stomach and poked it against them so they took me seriously. Eventually they left and I looked outside and saw about 20 black cats sitting in the garden. They all started leaving and I saw the people trying to break into other peoples gardens. Then I spoke to Trump and he apologised. He asked what he could do so I said the lottery numbers and wrote down what he said but they were all under 10 so I didn't believe it. Then I asked for a million for my family and Matt and I got 50 million. We were choosing a home & area to live in and Matt said he bought an Aston Martin DB6 and I said I always wanted a DB9. Then I was sitting at a table with Matts family on holiday and they were talking about being discrete and changed our names so we are married as we cannot stay in France without being married. They were eating prawn starter and I was thinking that I didn't have one as I don't eat prawns now and Matts mum must have ordered me something else. Then I woke up.

Last night I dreamt a man from my work was in my kitchen and was stealing my food. He was making a pulled pork sandwich. Also when I went down a spiral staircase from the top floor, there were 5 small birds flying inside, I walked over to them and was squinting my eyes and I realised they were robins.


8/07/2019 9:11 am  #2

Re: Dreams

A Parts Party and how you are feeling about Family dealings. You are starting to look closer at this. The Robins represent your feelings, or how you are feeling. Trump said it all.


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