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3/09/2019 1:45 am  #1

Fashion show in house and looking after children dreams

I dreamt that Matt had been talking to some people that wanted to have a fashion show in our house. They were offering £1,000,000 to let it happen. Matt agreed and I wasn’t happy at first but then it was happening so I went with it. They were bringing in stages that went around the whole of our flat and I asked Matt if things were going to get damaged and he said that’s what the payment was for. Also that he would be given a new car. I asked what extent the damage would be like would the wallpaper be ripped. We were sitting in the bedroom with the main people who were organising the show. I was sitting by the bedroom door. When people walked into the front door and hallway they would greet us. I found myself being the one to talk to them and say hello. One woman said I had some ears on me and about my lobes. I said I know I wish I could make them smaller and we joked about pinning them, I said about using some cocktail sticks to pin them smaller and she found it really funny. The organisers were happy And surprised I was conversing with these high end people and making a good impression instead of Matt who they thought would be as they contacted and arranged all this with him. The rest of the night carried on well and was successful. Kate Moss came in and walked the fashion runway at one point. When she walked out past me I said beautiful and clapped and I heard someone else say it too. I looked around the door into the kitchen and living room and saw everyone was having a good time. When everyone was leaving they were handing out golden envelopes but I didn’t speak up and say my name to get one as I thought I’d get it later. When the show was over and everyone was leaving, our flat had been destroyed. I walked around and all the wallpaper was torn to shreds from the ceiling down, walls and furnishings had been dented and scratched. I looked out the window and saw a yellow Lamborghini that was promised to Matt. I was trying to call him but he had gone. I needed to speak to him about the flat and the car as I was afraid it would get stolen but he wouldn’t answer his phone as he was working. The organisers were saying the client only thought the property and area was a bronze and therefore we would be paid less. I wasn’t happy about this and appealed that decision. I was looking at the flat thinking there’s no point redecorating the whole place we might as well just move somewhere new.

Before this dream, I dreamt that I was out in an area of fields and there was a garden area and a lake. I was walking along the path in between and I recognised where I was as I had walked here before and seen people playing sport by the lake. I saw some children playing and there was a little girl about 6 years old who had trod on some glass but she didn’t realise. So I went over to her and told her to sit down so I could look at her foot. She had a big shard of glass about 2cm wide and 10cm long halfway in her foot. So I slowly pulled it out and showed her saying it’s lucky we got this out before it all went in and she seemed shocked but thankful. I then saw other small bits of glass so I was picking them out and talking to her. We were talking for ages and really laughing and enjoying each other’s company. When I was done she thanked me and said that she has never met anyone so kind, weird and funny. And I felt happy with her compliment and we were laughing together. I stayed here looking after the children and felt so happy and in my element. When some of them were being naughty I spoke firmly to them and they listened and behaved. I was surprised at this. I was reflecting and I knew this is what I wanted to do.

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3/19/2019 4:01 pm  #2

Re: Fashion show in house and looking after children dreams

You were more happy and comfortable with yourself in this dream.You are still having communication problems with Matt. You are healing and taking care of yourself.


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