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2/11/2019 2:09 am  #1

Dream about holiday to the USA

I dreamt I was on holiday in the USA by myself. I paid £3,000 for a two week trip. When I got there, the room I was shown too was shared with no beds left. There was one bed type thing that looked a bit hairy but I slept in that. A few days later a guy came in and said that was the horses bed and I couldn't sleep in there, I had to share a bed with someone else. I felt like complaining as I was paying £200 a day for this trip and expected my own room and bed but I just wanted to enjoy my trip. I was outside looking for something to do and went to the sea, there was a part that was like a big line of the sea with a giant wall at the end and the waves near the wall were really fierce so you had to swim to it when the water was calm. I went in and was laying and floating near the front. At one point I did swim it and get to the top of the wall it was so high and I was taking a picture from up the top. Later I was searching around looking for my friends, my best friend was on the trip but I couldn't find her. I kept seeing other old friend from school but not able to find any of my friends. I was going to eateries and looking around the complex. I felt like I hadn't prepared or researched enough what to do to make the most of my time here. Then I found this girl that was lonely and on her own too and she said my best friend had gone home as she saw her collecting her stuff. So we walked around the shopping mall and we saw a leaflet stand but carried on and I said I'd love to eat then go back and find something to do and she said she felt the same and we were excited, I said what about KFC. She was excitedly saying she was hoping to go there too. On the way back we went past the leaflet stand again and this time a guy called out to us and said that we look sad and he'll pull some tarot cards for us. When he done mine, he was shuffling them the way I used to, when a card clearly separated from the rest then that was the cards. The two cards I got, one was about playing sport, it said to hit the court and I thought of baseball. I was so amazed as earlier in the dream I said I'd like to see what sport those is to play. The second card said that the lords work will happen in his own time and way. I said how these two cards were exactly what I was looking for as I've been looking for meaning in my life and also wondering what sport to do. Then I realised I hadn't called Matt or anyone since I got there so I was about to make my way back to my room and my phone started ringing.

I feel the tarot is the most important part and a direct message. I know I'd be good at baseball, I loved playing rounders which is the UK equivalent, the short bursts of running, hitting the ball as hard as possible and the competitiveness of the game suits me perfectly. I've been feeling lost in life like I want to find something to focus on so I can be happy and healthy and fit. So I feel this was a message to me. I also worry that I want to be living the life I'm supposed to be, so the message about things happening in Gods time was perfectly suited to what I needed to know.

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Re: Dream about holiday to the USA

Last night I dreamt Matt and I had invited people to a meal that we wanted to host. Before they arrived our dog lady had pooed on the floor and was rolling near it, I was running around and asked Matt to clean it up as he wasn't doing anything else. When the guests arrived I hugged my uncle and he grazed against my breast and afterwards I felt confused thinking if he had done that on purpose as it felt creepy. Everyone sat down at a oval table about 20 people. Later Matt went missing and I was looking for him. Two kids come up to me and said they knew where he was and to follow them. They looked quiet thuggish so I was a bit scared. They took me to a dark place behind the complex and said he was over there. When I looked where they pointed I saw my first boyfriend coming out from the darkness towards me and I felt really scared and ran away.

When I thought about this dream, I felt like maybe this dream meant that I have to face the fear and issues from my first boyfriend to get through to Matt?

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Re: Dream about holiday to the USA

This show how hard it is to reach Matt emotionally. You are doing the right things for yourself in those Tarot readings.


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