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2/09/2019 2:54 am  #1

Spiritual surgery dream

Dreamt I was a supernatural being with my supernatural friends. We were in a shopping market getting all the things we could get, luxury food items like almond chocolate biscuits and things like luxury moisturiser and all sorts of lovely things. My friend Bonnie was saying that I have such a bright light shining out from me, that it's massive and bigger than any of theirs. Then these hunter people saw it too and started to attack us. My friend bonnie was cut in her heart. She was laying on the floor and for a moment I didn't know what to do. Then I started to hold pressure on the wound and pump her chest as she had passed out and was dying. Then I was staring at the wound and imagined it healing and it started to close up. Where my eyes traced along it and imagined the wound sealing, it would. I realised I was performing spiritual surgery with my eyes. I kept going over it and healing the whole area until she woke up. There was more to the dream such as I was choosing to have more fun and was in my room listening and dancing to music blaring, letting go as I normally wouldn't play music loud etc. I was looking out my window into the garden and could see a koi fish pond at the back that my brother and his friend were looking at, my family were hosting a meal in the garden and I watched until it was over, my step dad and sister walked back towards the house and saw me so I waved and they waved back. I went outside and was skipping along the path towards my mum with some people. I was humming a tune that when I got to them I signalled to mum I wanted a cigarette too and a lady there was laughing and humming to my tune and skipping the way I was saying it was catchy. Through the dream I was looking for Damon to be with him but I couldn't get to him.

I've been watching vampire diaries again so I know the dream is influenced by this with the characters and themes but the healing part as my power I thought was really cool and the part about my light as well. When I thought about it when I woke up I felt it was called spiritual surgery.


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Re: Spiritual surgery dream

Last night I was thinking about when the return of Jesus will be, and I felt fearful about if I will reach salvation and be saved/go to heaven or if I won't reach salvation and be left behind/go to hell. I feel like I'm a good person that tries hard to do my best in life so it's confusing to me what to believe when by the bibles standards and what God says, I sin and don't live up to the Christian standards of what is acceptable. For example from what I understand living with a partner and not being married is a sin and something our society has engineered as normal so many of us sin. I read a prophecy last night of a woman in 1968, saying that there will be many who are desensitised to violence through tv, and seeing sexual intimacy meant only for husband and wife etc and that when the war happens, the rich countries will try to flee to the poor countries, but that they will show the same rejection the rich countries have shown. I feel scared by this because the signs of times all relate to each other and if something like this does happen I'm scared if I've done enough in my life to be ready for Gods judgement and if I will be saved. Some things say as long as you believe you are saved, but other things in the bible like the story of the 5 or 10 virgins says they were foolish because they didn't have oil in their lamps and I am worried if I won't be ready as they were. I don't know if what is in the bible is what I should follow, or to follow my own heart of what is good and learn that way. I don't know what I need to be doing but I'm scared of doing the wrong thing. I'm scared of the moment where I realise what I've done is wrong or not what God/Jesus is looking for or needing.

I've been worried about this for some time, my life takes over but I always come back to this. The bible says to pray for example but I feel stupid praying and haven't got into the swing of it. Am I wrong to not be doing this, as in the bible it says that Jesus says to the virgins I do not know you. I talk to God in my head and heart but I don't know if this is enough.

Last night after thinking about all this I dreamt I was with my sister who was scared of wrestling characters. I was telling her that the older original wrestlers aren't scary and described their characteristics so she wasn't scared and just saw them as normal people dressed up or whatever. Then I was with a group of people in an exquisite room, about 20 people and I was sitting with a girl looking after a baby that was talking like it was so intelligent like an adult. The baby was trying to get away. Then my friend on the other side of me introduced me to a girl that had come in, I was hugging her saying she felt nice to hug. Then two people left and I followed. They were free running over a road/freeway onto cars and other fences and I followed. My leaps were bigger than theirs and I went a way head on that seemed dangerous but my confidence meant I was fine. I stepped onto moving cars and jumped to fences then onto another car until we got to a dock. There was a dingy boat with only a few spaces left. It was filled a bit with murky water. I was scared to get in incase I fell into the water. I pulled it closer to the shore and tried to get my leg in but I knew I would fall. I realised I had to go head first on my belly but I didn't want to get my coat wet or dirty. But then the boat was ready to go and I knew it was my last chance to jump in when I pulled it closer so I jumped forward and slid in and looked around scared to see if I was in and I realised I made it.

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Re: Spiritual surgery dream

You did not miss the boat in real life. You jumping over life's obsticails, In the 1st dream you healed your self spiritually. Do not worry about the Religious stuff, just follow your heart and walk the good red road.


2/11/2019 2:06 am  #4

Re: Spiritual surgery dream

I'm so glad I didn't miss the boat. I did feel that was a good sign as I was worried about that. That's really cool about the healing part, I've done that before to myself in a dream, amazing! And I knew you would say that as I know you've said that before, the religious stuff makes you feel like your being deceived if you don't follow what it says, but I've been finding it hard to believe that good people who aren't religious would burn in hell, also I guess that's part of religion to make you feel like you have to follow it or else. I was researching the end times and what will happen and what can I do to prepare myself and there's stuff about being led from Gods ways and not knowing what to do because of not reading the bible etc so I worry about that. I don't like the fear it makes you feel though and again I think that people who have never read the bible but are good, shouldn't perish as how is that fair or good. Thank you Thunderbow.

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2/18/2019 5:39 pm  #5

Re: Spiritual surgery dream

As you can see, Religion is all about control and social order.


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