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5/08/2018 3:22 pm  #1

And now in canada

There is a petition for people to sign going to the Canadian prime minister. the big oil companies now want to go through indigenous  peoples land like they did at standing rock.
​have these companies got no heart? its all about money never mind the land they destroy by their greed.or the people it affects and again it is the indigenous people who suffer the most. it makes me madTomorrow, Canadian Indigenous leaders are heading to the Kinder Morgan annual shareholder meeting to stop a massive pipeline through their land. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has the power to side with First Nations peoples and stop this project. 
Let's tell Prime Minister Trudeau the whole world is watching.

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The spoken word always comes back as whispers in the wind.

5/09/2018 8:26 am  #2

Re: And now in canada

Greed makes them roll over anyone s land. They take what they want. Look at what Trump is doing here.


5/09/2018 2:10 pm  #3

Re: And now in canada

True I bet they wouldn't do it over their Lands though.

The spoken word always comes back as whispers in the wind.
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