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3/09/2018 8:57 pm  #1

Always dreaming of meeting people.

May I know your views on meeting people in lucid dreams. Are these people real?

I always have lucid dreams of shaking hands and happy talking to people whom I haven't seen in my entire life.
I felt myself really interacting and happy to meet them but there were shadows of people with me that I can't recognize that some felt like saving me and some very intrusive and misleading.

There was a dream where  I was talking with the leader of a group and telling me they were very glad to meet me.then I heard someone gate crashed and was confronted by the leader.

There was a dream where a woman shadow intruding in my dream  leading me to so many doors and hallways but the tall man shadow appeared like taking my attention to him to save me from the woman shadow but the cellphone rang and it's a crispy voice of a man so clear but losing signals then the shadow woman appeared again led me again to another door and left me alone with a cat in my arms ( she seems to be afraid of entering the door next to me), when I opened the door there were men on the living room and found myself shaking hands with their leader and uttered my surname.

There was also a dream where a big man formally shaking hands with me and was so happy to meet me in my neighborhood.

Meeting people around the world and out of this world in my dreams just amazed me. 



3/10/2018 8:23 am  #2

Re: Always dreaming of meeting people.

The shadow people could represent your thoughts. Some were intrusive and misleading. Others were good thoughts that saved you. The Cat represents your senitive self. Then you were introduced to your higher self. That was the leader that uttered your surname. The big man shaking your hands is yourself. You were meeting your real self in your mind (neighborhood).


3/15/2018 4:20 am  #3

Re: Always dreaming of meeting people.

When I read some people’s posts about meeting the Higher Self, I just wondered how I will react or what to talk about or my bubbly side would pop up or will it be so formal.

Thanks Thunder Bow.

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3/15/2018 8:18 am  #4

Re: Always dreaming of meeting people.

It can be both.


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