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1/13/2018 4:23 am  #1

Spiritual race event in my town dream

I was taking part in this big event. It was a race or a series of challenges that need to be won. It involved the whole town I was living in. We had to have car races to determine the overall success of the town within this event. It was like winning cleanses the town and brought it to a higher vibration. It was just me taking part in my town, but people were all around supporting and encouraging me to carry on. The challenges were not just physical but spiritual in nature. I'm sure by the end of the dream I had completed all challenges and guaranteed the success of the town I live in.

Is this dream a literal representation of my inner work that thereby affects the group too? Or what does it mean?


1/13/2018 9:06 am  #2

Re: Spiritual race event in my town dream

It means you overcame the challenges associated with your own healing. The town represents your whole mind. You are successful in your own healing.


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