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12/31/2017 8:24 am  #1

Eating roast duck and upgrading engine

The night before last, as I was waking up, I saw myself eating a roasted duck, I was sitting at a big wooden table with big wooden chairs that were stable but rounded and I was picking away at the meat and eating it. As far as I am aware, it seemed like the dinner had ended and everyone else had moved onto watching telly or chatting, but I was still sitting there observing and eating the meat.

Then last night I dreamt, as I was waking up, I saw myself checking a car engine and upgrading parts of it. Nothing was broken but it was like it could be improved in certain ways. I saw myself as quite anxious and almost like I was about to be pulling my hair out, I guess stressed/anxious is the most accurate description. I was taking out a part here, and replacing it with something better and more improved, then I would see another part that needed upgrading on repairing and deal with that.

What could these dreams mean?


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