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7/05/2016 12:45 am  #1

Journeys, Visions and Dreams.

So the last couple of week’s I’ve been laid up with flu followed by a lung infection so I’ve had plenty of time to rest up. One day we had a particularly hot sunny afternoon and I was sitting on my bed looking out over the mountain valley just kinda resting half dozing with Mystic the Jackdaw ( Jackdaws are the smallest member of the Corvus / Raven n Crow family of birds) dozing on his perch beside me. Nothing particular going on with my mind just listening to some music quietly.

At first I figured I must have dozed off and that this was just a dream as I was talking with a close friend in it but then the colors shifted into bright vibrant intense shades. So I knew I was being pulled into a Journey, I’ve done this many times before so always enjoy them, this one was totally spontaneous n unplanned.I was aware that I was stepping away from my friend and the colors shifted again, he looked slightly different then the next thing I knew I jumped up spread my wings and was flying. Lol! 

Now I’ve not shifted into a bird for a long time in my Journey works so I was surprised n pleased with it and man it sure felt good to fly again. I looked at my wings and noticed they were black at the same time as I got a voice in my mind saying "Now I’ll show you my world the way I see and experience it." I had to laugh it was Mystic the Jackdaw somehow I’d shifted into him.

So we flew for a while as I looked over the earth and saw what humans where doing to her, it’s not good and I’m just one voice amongst many so I can only do what I can to help her. It was bitter sweet as I could hear , feel and see all the beauty of life on her. I could feel her heart beat and hear the voices of the Grandfathers, Grandmothers and Ancestors on the wind and in the water. I could hear her breath in the depths of the ancient forest and see her tears in the dew on the grasses and leaves.  She is our Mother and she is alive, living and breathing.

I saw the innocence of two young fawns playing in a forest glade, saw the Mystery of the Spirits that hung in the mist of the mountains, tasted the salty tang from the spray from the waves of the sea. Smelt the life and scents of a summer meadow as I watched the butterflies dancing on the breeze. This is the beauty of the Earth our Mother yet our race is the most destructive and we are hurting her. What I saw and experienced is something I will remember for a very long time.

The landscape changed it shifted from the green land, mountains and coast line of where I live now to the landscape of back home where I come from, it was good to see the Rockies again, the air smelt different, I could see the energy from the land and the ripples of energy in the air currents as we flew were all different. Then I saw what they were doing to the land there, it’s a long time since I’ve visited back home and I know about what the mining, oil and gas industries are doing back there. But to see it and to see n feel the energy from the land there really wasn’t good and I made me both sad and angry.

We left the plains behind and flew up into the mountains to a place I know very well a small hidden lake where my 1st husband who's now dead, used to have an old hunting cabin and we had spent a lot of time there just living and healing. The cabin has long since gone, the place reclaimed by nature but the lake is still as it was, it’s too far away from roads to be bothered to much by humans, we used to ride in on horseback with a pack string and it was a couple of days ride to get there. At least some places still remain the same and it was good to see the place again and its wild life.

It was here that a storm blew in and Mystic landed in the shelter of a tree, the energy shifted to electric and the air currents around us changed yet again as the thunder rumbled and I watched through Mystic’s eyes the storm playing out I heard another voice, one that’s older than time itself and one I’m very familiar with. The message and vision details I won’t go into here as that’s for me alone, but I will say that he resides in the storm and is the storm, he has been with me many, many years since the first time I survived a lightning strike and I still carry the scars from that one today.

It was good to visit and talk with him again also to be shown more of where my trail was taking me. I was reminded that I must work with my medicine more and that there is still much work for me to do but that I must visit home again in my physical form. He told me about the proof he’d sent me as there has been a lot of times that I have doubted myself recently, the NDN pots that came my way and the First Nations Carvings of the Raven. ( These items physically did find their way to me in my everyday life from various sources in the country I live in which is half a world away from my home and people, so not something that just turns up every day over here.)

He told me of one item though that I hadn’t yet received, it was a carved knife from a Potlatch Ceremony. I was like ok well I’ll believe it when it arrives. He told me it would and very soon and that when it did I would remember this meeting and know that it was true and actually happened. I was to take it as proof that the medicine work I do is very real and actually works so it does make a difference. At that point there was a loud crack of thunder and flash of lightning and I was back at home in my body with a jolt. Mystic had moved off his perch and was sitting in my shoulder playing with my silver earring which he very cheekily likes to tug at and try to take off as he wants it for his collection of shiny things.

He had that cheeky look in his silver blue eye as if to say "See I can work medicine as well you know." I noticed then that there was a thunder storm outside that was moving away as there was another crack of thunder and flicker of lightning. So I just relaxed back and smiled. A few days later my ex who I'm good friends with and share the farm with turned up after collecting one of his daughters from the airport as she had come over for a visit.

They had by chance called in at a house clearance auction of a Church property on the way back, where they had bid on a box full of wooden carvings from Africa and got the box full. They were pleased with the contents of the box and had the carvings out on the table checking them out. I picked up the very beaten up old box to put out to burn and as I did so I heard something move that had been caught up in some news paper under the flap in the box. I unwrapped my find and had to laugh.

It was a First Nations hand carved Raven Potlatch knife, it was even written on the back of the knife, so my proof had come to me and Mystic who was eating a peice of lamb at the time on his perch lifted his head up and Cawed at me. He doesn’t make a lot of noise so for him to do that at the same time I picked up that carved knife yeah that was the best proof I could have got. Mystic I swear showed the faint flash of blue in his silver eye as he went back to eating his piece of meat.

That Potlatch knife now sits with my Medicine and the Navajo, Hopi and Anasazi Pots that have also found their way here. The other carvings are hung on the walls, as for Mystic well he just hangs out n moves around his various perches around the house or sits on my shoulder trying to figure out how to get my earring undone so he can add it to his collection and keeps that secret knowing look in his silver blue eyes.

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7/05/2016 11:03 am  #2

Re: Journeys, Visions and Dreams.

Thank you for sharing this with us. Of course, your Medicine works. The Thunders visited my camp all last week. Thank You for sharing your Medicine Story.


8/20/2016 2:07 am  #3

Re: Journeys, Visions and Dreams.

I am not sure if what I have experienced is an actual vision, as they are short bursts of seeing and knowing that I see in my mind and translate the feeling message. I have had spontaneous images of myself in past lives, for example, one vision I was standing in a desert in black robes, I had gold jewellery and jewels all over me. I was conjuring up a spell/force, from the night sky, pulling the energies from the universe and creating a giant ball of energy that was like blue electric. I looked very mystical and the stare from my past life eyes into my own eyes was very intense and I can see it now. This helped me to heal when working on accepting all aspects of self and knowing self. ​Visions/knowing I have that relate to my life path and ones that feel good to me, are that I am always helping people, I feel a force of strength resilience and dedication, helping others and moving forwards, helping people to see who they are, to embrace this, and to live a true happy life! I see myself sitting one on one with people, listening, and suggesting my own wisdom and others...things like that. I do not know if these are 'visions' or what they are exactly, but I have been noticing them, or at least paying attention to them more clearly lately. I am noticing what they are rather than just a figment of my imagination.


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