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3/02/2017 7:07 pm  #1

The peruvian indians

I had to go to the hospital yesterday for a pre op assesment so i went into town on my way home i could hear the pan pipes so i knew the peruvian indians were  in town.
they saw me and started doing the rain dance.so i looked at them and told them you are doing my head in with the rain dance do another dance.they just laughed.
they know i detest rain so they do it all the more.i was speaking to someone watching them and she asked if i knew them.so i said they have been coming here for years so yes.
she then said they were dancing before you came and it was the hoop dance.i said typical they see me and they always do the rain dance.
they made some money i can tell you through their dvds and trinkets they were selling.but they always make more if they dance.

The spoken word always comes back as whispers in the wind.

3/03/2017 9:26 am  #2

Re: The peruvian indians

Was this a dream you had? Interesting.


3/03/2017 3:22 pm  #3

Re: The peruvian indians

No Thunder Bow it was real

The spoken word always comes back as whispers in the wind.
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