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1/28/2017 5:23 pm  #11

Re: Do gem stones have significance for the ndn...

Star Wolf Medicine Woman wrote:

Noo its Pearls that are supposed to be umlucky, never heard anything bad about Opals.. lol..

lol, well pearls technically aren't a gem since they were created by a living creature and not geological processes http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/grin.png

maybe that is why they are unlucky???

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1/29/2017 3:54 am  #12

Re: Do gem stones have significance for the ndn...

LOL the term NDN is used up in Canada as well , I've been  using it for  years as have family n friends its pretty much a term used across the board.

 I have an Opel and Obsidion set in silver as a bracelt my first husband who was NDN had made for me by a Navajo friend of his, he said it was to help balance things and the Obsidion was to help with protection and my medicine work. I still have and love that peice today but can't wear it very often as one of the silver bands on the back has cracked over the years. I can't find anyone over here who would even attempt to try n repair it unfortunatly. I'm hopeing that I will find someone when I head back later this year as Im heading down to the  corners. I just want to be able to wear that peicie again.

I also know that its the combination of stones and the designs they are set in that also have a significant meaning, so its the whole thing as it works together.

I use all kinds of stones with the stuff I do most dont carry the same meaning as you 'd find in any of the new age books, but to me I know what they are relevent for. As my first husband always said, if you don't know go an ask the stones.

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1/29/2017 6:08 am  #13

Re: Do gem stones have significance for the ndn...

I think w e have sort of expanded the thread lol and that in itsself is good.. Im no Geologist but I have a cousin who is.. His career grew from collecting rocks and crystals as a boy..

I use crystals in Healing and find rough unpolished to be the more powerful...I have a few tumble ones that were bought in USA and given to me later  but they are more of a keep sake for that perdon has now passed..
When my mother passed, I was given a small gem stone to help with grieving,  which was polished it is called an Apache Tear.. I keep it in my small medicine bag to wear at Pow wows and situation where I need to wear regalia like lecturing. 

i have several beautiful Silica wands too, they look and feel beautiful to me..

I have Obsideum too mine is a Snow flake variety which is for Protection and Grounding..I have pretty much owned mine for many years.. I wasn't aware that 'New Age books' had altered the meanings lol as my bools are old too..

Maiken I hope you find a silversmith willing to repair the bracelet..I found that any repairs over here are through the roof..For example £80 to resize a ring of my mothers so that I could wear it..


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