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11/15/2016 11:11 pm  #1


Our cat was a beautiful tabby called Sashabib. This is a story full of magic !!
She loved doing energy work, and reiki with me. We had a special bond, later in years as I started having nerve problems in my legs, Sasha would sit on them and the pain would slowly disappear, and vice versa whenever she was sore I would heat my hands up and use them as a hot water bottle on her aching bones so she could lie down.

5 months ago Sasha passed at 16yrs old, it broke our hearts, the pain was soo great it was like a gaping hole.
My partner and I couldn't focus on life without Sashabib, we couldn't stop crying. I thought losing a loved one was hard, but a pet was even harder. We longed to hug a cat, so we went to animal rescue and just didn't get any vibes to take a cat, but we did get an urge to donate all Sasha's thermal blankets, and other items which the rescue shelter said they could use the items in their isolation room for the sick animals. We also went and spent that weekly amount we would of spent buying Sashas food,  buying kitty litter and cans of food for the rescue shelter as they said, people donate for dogs, but no one gives for cats.  The weekend was even harder for us, we started searching on the internet for a kitten and couldn't find any, was sooo weird. We rang the pounds and no kittens only old cats. *how is this possible? no kittens anywhere. 

It was as if, we were being stopped from searching.  After a week, the pain was so intense for us, mostly at night time.
We knew Sasha was with us, the signs and sounds, of her specific routines like turning off my sleep apnia machine, standing on top of the dvd radio. When we didn't meditate the cds would all of sudden fall down LOL so we knew she was with us. One night I got a strong urge to go onto a site and I placed a plea asking for help, if anyone had a kitten that could help fill the void, and we wanted a female kitten,
Within 3hrs we got a phone call, it was fantastic but strange at the same time, the goose bumps and cool feelings as we felt spirit/s all around us. The next day we went to go pick up our new kitten.
She was sooo beautiful
Tonkinese, white with brown ears and nose kind of reminded me of my ancestors how they had tattoos on their faces. As we drove home, our new baby looked like she was smiling, was just staring at us and purring, as we drove into our drive way our kitten started getting excited, ran around the house nestling and purring, like she was home. We knew she wasn't Sasha, it was too close to Sashas passing for it to be her, but we know for a fact, this was no ordinary kitten. She was sent to us. We wanted name our kitten and my partner wanted call her Crystal, but the next morning we both woke up and almost at the exact same time, we both said nooo her name is Precious (hence my site name)  We had both dreamt that Precious was to be her name.
Precious started doing the same things Sasha used to do, turn off my sleep apnia, jump on the cds and cd player. Run in the kitchen and sit in exact same spot, it was soo uncanny, we truly felt maybe Sasha was showing Precious or using Precious to let us know shes still with us, but also she helped send us a new kitten. Sasha would never have wanted us to hurt, we are always laughing and happy, so to see us both crying and in pain, noo Sasha would of brought us a cat as quick as she could.

We love our beautiful baby girl, she helped us to laugh again.. On fathers day when precious was 3mths old, my brother was visiting, and gave us a fright we were not expecting. Our beautiful baby girl had somehow dropped a package, and became a baby BOY lololol We were soo angry and upset, we felt betrayed by the people who sold precious to us, but they swore they thought precious was female. We would not of taken precious if we knew was a boy. I believed the people, the spiritual sensations was too over whelming for me to ignore, this was something far more magical. We were not going to give up our kitten, and so we accepted we now have a beautiful baby boy.
My partners father has a funny sense of humor, Sashabib hated other cats lol We allowed ourselves to believe
that our loved ones and Sasha all had a part in Precious being in our lives and knowing Sasha, was letting us know there is only 1 queen allowed in this house and turned precious into a boy lmfaoo
Precious isn't like Sasha, he is more of a protector. He watches over us, if we have a shower or in the bedroom, he is always by our feet or sitting in the doorway. We miss Sashabib and still have tears for her, but we truly believe She brought us another cat because she loves us that much she didn't want see us hurting.


11/16/2016 9:41 am  #2

Re: Sasha

It is good you accepted the new kitten. An animal should never be a victim. Be it from abuse, or from psychological and spiritual issues of its keepers.


12/16/2016 11:00 am  #3

Re: Sasha

love to ((((((((Precious & Sasha))))))) what a heartwarming story.


12/18/2016 1:30 am  #4

Re: Sasha

Nice story and you def got the right cat for you just as Sasha intended lol.

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2/23/2018 5:09 pm  #5

Re: Sasha

remiss of my cat lucy i had she usd 2 in in iht ghns u did on lin she did 
or if i wz givin reedins on tot webs she wud div i she wud she died in 22/11/16 she did 
niw my 2 new cats t do it 2 thy do thn be 2 in aug thy wil be thy bth leoss thy r 

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Re: Sasha

I Have got a Black cat he is black all over apart from two faint lines by his ears,so I called him shadow he is gorgeous  
​he knows if anyone is not feeling to good he goes and sits by them.


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