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11/03/2016 6:27 pm  #1

My spiritual retreat

I have a simple spiritual retreat. Its a truck that i live in as an over the road truck driver. I bought an igloo refrigerator that plugs into a cigerette lighter. The truck has an area to sleep. Up front it has big windows to see out of. These days it takes me to California to Texas and Louisiana.

For me its perfect. I have never been happier. I enjoy the simplicity and the aspect of roughing it a bit. Out the windows i enjoy all the views of nature. I have been to ashrams and so on and that is nice. But for me what i get out of living out on the road is priceless. Sometimes i am suprised how nobody wants to do what i do. I couldnt imagine doing anything else. Thankfully for me thats job security when things get bad. As long as i keep my record clean which i put my effort on. To be safe.

I have seen so much beauty and have mixed with people from all over. I have felt blessed for my experience in the military cause i got to be with people from all over. But this is much better. It has its challenges but often im just taking all the love in from what i see and feel going down the road.

When im out of the truck my girlfriend and i often hope in my suburban. We call it big red.  Its like a big station wagon that is great for camping. Se have a common interest in connecting with nature and so we often do that camping. We are opposites in spirituality. Her strength is her intuition. Mine is the bliss that im always rambling about. So we compliment one another which is nice. Im very lucky to have her and the spiritual centers.

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11/05/2016 8:18 am  #2

Re: My spiritual retreat

May you continue on your Adventure, and all the responsabilites that comes with it.


8/31/2018 10:04 am  #3

Re: My spiritual retreat

This year, my camp in the Kibab National Forest was my Spiritual Retreat.


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