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UFOs On The Rez. » Not on the REZ but in town off the REZ » 1/31/2017 7:00 pm

May be my computer, old and slow and internet is slow;
I'm only seeing a top strip of the image. 

Spiritual Development » I had to laugh at this one. » 1/31/2017 6:18 pm

Star Wolf Medicine Woman wrote:

I like those Pendleton blankets and the bags.. Never got a Pendleton but one day :lol:  My larger Medicine bag is asimilar size to Maikens its hide anf hand painted and decorated by me a few years back. it hold my tobacco for offerings..It really is best to try and make your own..

It's always best to make your own if you can. I agree. 


Spiritual Development » I had to laugh at this one. » 1/30/2017 10:50 pm

Native spirit wrote:

your abilities are going to grow through your paintings they will show more than you realise,so will your quilting the way you do them will change.have you made your medicine bag yet?.it is important for you remember to fill it with whats important to you.keep it close to your body.but tommy senior is helping you along

I was given a pendleton sage bag for Christmas from my daughter's sister in-law a while back.
It's 1/2 dear skin and 1/2 pendleton blanket wool.
just like these (mostly the 2nd one) Mine's turquoise one side and reds/blues other side.  
guess I could use it but it really is too large to cary on body. Its a good 5 or 6 inches in height.
I already have it holding gemstones.  

If I had time; I'd make my own. I was gifted some hides back in the early 2000. 


Spiritual Development » I had to laugh at this one. » 1/29/2017 7:22 pm

Development circles are everywhere in the US. Meetup has many in So. California. 
I used to go to a place that had reading and healing. Fair's and fun. They had a huge fire and are recovering. They are not near me; seems not too many are spiritual around here. Especially on this REZ. I had a spiritual medium once who said the Indians here are Sleeping. 

Healing » I have a special healing request for a co-worker of mine. » 1/29/2017 3:05 pm

Native spirit wrote:

A friend that I had known since I was young lived next door to me when I moved back here from living away.i knew her mother and father one of the sons was good friends with my husband,he was here every night without fail.his grandmother became ill.jamie the son was very close to her.she had to go into a nursing home.three times they thought she was on her way out.Jamie phoned me and said the home said she had only just passed I said they are lying to you go check.jamie his mother and sister went down and were told that she has two carers around her when she passed,again I said they are lying so sue the mother asked me what happened I wasn't there and I said to sue your dad came to collect her and no carers were with her,they knew time was short and should have informed the family so they could be there but they didn't,I said to sue threaten them with legal action until they tell you the truth.thats when they admitted instead of phoning the family to go down there they went outside for a cigarette instead.by the time 20 minutes passed they went back in she had passed. sue nearly had a breakdown because she always told her mother she would be with her at the end.and they took that away from her so none of them could say goodbye it took months of me talking to her taking her through it so she could come to terms with it.

That's terrible for the family. Similar happened to my dad.   

Healing » I have a special healing request for a co-worker of mine. » 1/29/2017 11:28 am

Yes, Star Wolf, that phone tool is a nice idea. 
Sorry you had to experience being sent home and not being able to say goodbyes. 


Healing » I have a special healing request for a co-worker of mine. » 1/28/2017 8:16 pm

Native spirit wrote:

Deb you raised an important point there.everyone does grieve differently and there are many stages of grief also.some are more excepting of grief others brush it under the carpet and get on with it.only for something small and not important happen.and that can trigger the grieving process.

I've seen the different grieving processes in a lot of friends. 
There is one online on my facebook pages that always posts beautiful photos of her son with wings, at the grave with a 8 foot cross with his name on it. 90% of her posts are about her son. Others let the paid eat away at them. Some do brush it under the carpet; see that too but they get sick with disease too. Everyone knows they will lost their parents; but it's harder to accept the face that you outlive your child.

Myself; having not dealt with death much growing up. I did not want it to consume me so that's why I researched.
And the process to which it all unfolded was no accident. Things are planned in life and much is without our control. I found myself much more at peace with it all when I found the the spiritual road. I don't like to call it spirituality any more because religions use it too. The word enlightened works better for me. When I knew they were both safe and sound I accepted what had occurred. Especially hearing their voices after they had passed made it even more reassuring. I just had to adjust at being without. I am glad I still had a daughter. 

I think the reason I lost it at work when Stacey died was because it was unable to say goodbye. 
The co-worker that came into my office to tell me shocked me. No goodbyes.
Just like the woman who banged on my window in the middle of the night to tell me my son was in a terrible accident. No goodbyes. 

When I was in the hospital Oct 1979 delivering my daughter; just after doing so I called and Dad answered. 
I told  him what I had and could I talk to Mom; he said "She can't come to the phone; she had a massive stroke du

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