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Dream Interpretation » Dream about kingdom of God » Today 2:19 pm

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You are You and you did not fade away into the family situation. You got things to do in your life, for yourself.

Dream Interpretation » Dream about kingdom of God » Yesterday 11:30 pm

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I dreamt I was with my mum and sister but the rest of my family were there too. A plane crashed right near our home where we was in the dream, which was my sisters boyfriends house. Then there were more explosions in the distance all at once and all the lights/electrics starting cascading off. Then a giant castle kingdom in the sky landed on earth. Everyone started to panic and I was shouting to people that it was judgement day and that castle is where Jesus is. My brother in law looked at me and knew it too. We were staring into the distance at this giant castle. As time went on I could see people were trying to use food in their homes to eat but a lot of it was going bad or was not eatable without electric. I thought we needed to leave our home and find somewhere safe as people are going to start breaking into homes for food etc. A man followed me from a pub when I was walking through saying I was pretty. I tried to close my front door but he pushed through and pushed me onto a bed. He was going to rape me. He bit into my thigh leaving blood and a bite mark. He was holding me down on top of me trying to wear me out but I kept fighting. I didn't give up then I had so much strength which I felt was from God and I rolled him off me and held him by his throat and carried him in the air outside and threw him out. I went looking for Matt and my family to talk to and be with them. Matt and I had got separated at first and because our phones didn’t work I thought I’d never see him again. But then I found him playing pool with his brother. So I told them what happened and we went for a walk through town and went past the castle. Only certain people were able to go into the kingdom which was Gods kingdom. People that couldn’t started fading away like turning invisible because they were fading. And people that were still whole and could go into the kingdom were rushed by these other people because they had what they wanted. I saw a priest step onto the land of the king

This forum is underconstruction » how do I upload a picture? » Yesterday 10:46 pm

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I just tried the upload a file button with a pic of my new garage and it seemed to work fine in this post but had trouble in the conversation posts.  Thanks for the tips.

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