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This forum is underconstruction

Help me build this forum. All suggestions welcomed.
9 56 Hi
by Native spirit

Introduce Yourself

You can introduce yourself to this forum here. Tell us a little about youreslf.
31 157 Sweet hello to all...
by Native spirit

Other Spiritual Forums

What would you like to see in This forum, After you visited other forums? What are the other forums lacking that you would like to see me add here?
9 69 Dream interpretations
by Native spirit

General News and Announcements

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Open discussion and annoncements

Good forum just to post what is going on in your life.
19 97 Spending The Summer at the Grand Canyon.
by Thunderbow

Spiritual Discussion

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Spiritual Discussions

Open discussion for all spiritual topics. This section is under development.
9 230 What is the difference between a practitioner and a healer?
by Thunderbow

Spiritual Development

Forum about spiritual growth, and experiences.
9 76 Just one method of reading some one...
by BrandonPrurl

Spirituality In Everyday Life.

How does your spirituality fit into your everyday life?
5 81 songs it giv me vibs
by dream jo

Spirituality and Religion

Is spirituality is the same as religion? What are your views?
4 66 Church or Nature?
by Native spirit

Spirit Guides and Power Animals

What is your Power Animal. Who is your Spirit Guide? In this forum we can ask questions about them.
4 50 Two Woodpeckers meaning?
by Native spirit
1 2 Nature Spirits and Elementals
by serloco

Spirituality and The Internet

Internet Preaching and Control. So much promoting and preaching on the internet. Where is the wisdom in all this?
2 44 The so called preachers
by DhelbaFoese

Spirituality and Your Pets

Be it be a dog, cat, or rat. Do you have a spiritual connection to your pet?
3 25 Sasha
by Native spirit


A place to do readings, or to have a reading done. Cards, Stones, etc...
4 21 sep 2017
by dream jo


Post questions about meditations here. There are different kinds of Meditations out there. What are your experiences?
2 9 Here if you have questions...
by Sangeroth

Past Life Regresson and Reincarnation

What is your view on this topic?
2 32 I think we have all had past lives..
by dream jo

Shamanism and Shamans.

A forum for discussion about Shamans and Shamanism. Shamans are found world wide in all cultures. Post your threads about this here.
5 64 Question...
by Sangeroth


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Dream Interpretation

Post your dreams here for insights and interpretation.
802 1,731 Friend wanted me to take the rap for the murder she did
by dream jo

Dream discussion

And open forum about what dreams mean to you.
5 42 Always dreaming of meeting people.
by Thunderbow

Visions and Premonitions.

Had dreams or visions about the future? Dreams that come true? Talk about them here.
3 23 Are Premonitions real? How do they differ from visions?
by BrandonPrurl

Spiritual Support

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Q&A Questions and Answers

Have spiritual question? Want answers? Post your question here.
3 19 Question about Shaman Path as life purpose
by Native spirit

Spiritual Retreat

A Sanctuary for Spiritual Support, Prayer requests, and spiritual help.
2 2 My spiritual retreat
by Thunderbow

Spiritual Connections

What do you have a spiritual connection to? Is it a place, animal, nature, or a being?
1 34 Connection to Nature
by Thunderbow


A forum for healing and prayer requests. An open forum about healing experiences.
12 147 I have a special healing request for a co-worker of mine.
by Native spirit

Native American Spirituality

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Native American Spirituality

For Native spiritual discussions. An open topic forum for all nations.
6 38 Anyone know anything about the Cherokee?
by Star Wolf Medicine Woman

Stories and Myths

Native American Story Section. Also a place for truth and myths about Native People.
3 39 Dreamcatchers
by Aurora Borealis
4 30 Medicine Man Camp
by ThomasWic

The Native American Vision Quest

What is the Vision Quest? What is a real Vision Quest?
1 7 Vision quest..
by Maikan

Medicine Power

What Is Medicine Power?
2 6 Warrior Power
by Native spirit

Horse Feathers

Horse Feathers! A forum for horse lovers and those who admire the horse.
4 28 How To Mount A Horse
by Thunderbow

Power Animals and Totem Animals

What is your Power Animal?
7 27 A fun story to share that happend with a bat
by ThomasWic

Native American Paranormal

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Power Spots

Places of power, and what are they?
3 19 Colorado
by Thunderbow

Sacred Places

Sacred Mountains, and other scared places. Where are they?
1 3 Spirit Mountain NV
by Native spirit

UFOs On The Rez.

UFOs have been seen on the Big Navajo Reservation. Where have you seen them? This can be anywhere in the world, not just on reservation land. Feel free to post photos and links to videos and opinions on the web.
5 68 Not on the REZ but in town off the REZ
by Star Wolf Medicine Woman

Ghosts and Chiidii

What are your thoughts and feelings on ghosts?
2 33 My Experince with a Chiidii
by Astro

Haunted Locations

Haunted ruins, forests, canyons, and waters. What is your exerience?
6 25 Haunted Hotel Casino
by Native spirit

Bigfoot and Monsters

Sightings and their place in Tribal Stories.
1 4 Big Foot... by any other name..
by Star Wolf Medicine Woman

Ancient Astronauts

Did Space Aliens visit the Americas before Columbus? Is there any evidence?
1 5 Photos of Ancient Astronauts in rock art.
by Native spirit

Vision Quests

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The Vision Quest

A forum about the Vision Quest. What is a Vision Quest?
1 1 My Spirit Mountain Vision Quest
by Native spirit


Tell about your visions here. Be it in a dream or through other means.
2 2 Journeys, Visions and Dreams.
by Sunrose

Your Spiritual Center

Where is your spiritual center? How would you build it?
1 4 My center...
by Native_Past_Life_Spirit

You And Nature

How do you relate to Nature? What is your personal connection to nature?
2 4 Are Humans Animals?
by Native spirit

The New Age and The Native American

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The New Age and The Native American

How has the New Age Movement hurt Native Cultures? No Name Calling or Bullying allowed here, as this is an sensitive topic. But feel free to debate the issue here.
3 28 Will the Large HadronCollider giveus answers?
by Thunderbow

The Plastic Shaman

These people give workshops, and sell books, and give sweat lodges, and expensive Vision Quests. How dangerous are they?
1 20 Videos, Books, and Websites.
by Native spirit

The Selling of Native Ways and Sacared Objects

Should these things be sold on the open market place?
1 13 The selling of the Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest.
by Star Wolf Medicine Woman
7 108 And so it goes on
by Native spirit

Paranormal Activity

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Paranormal Activity

What are your experiences? Ghosts, UFOs, Visits, and any other unexplained occurrences you had. Please open a thread and tell us.
9 85 Here is my favourite YouTube videos I like on paranormal
by Thunderbow

Science and Spirituality

Art and Photography

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Post your art and photography here.

Share you with us your art and photography. All creative spiritual personal images welcome.
4 49 Shenya Custom-made Painting
by dream jo

Poetry and Writing

Post your poetry, essays, and other material here. Also feel free to post your work under other subjects here as well.
3 19 A poem for Spring..
by Thunderbow

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