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8/08/2016 10:30 pm  #11

Re: Are Premonitions real? How do they differ from visions?

I get both from time to time though sometimes I end up holding the knowledge of what Ive been shown for years and I half forget about it until those events unwind around me. Only at that point can I act accordingly. I've found in many cases I can only tell what Ive seen to certain kinds of people if they are involved. Others either joke it off or ignore what Ive told them anyway. Some just plain cant handle it, so over the years I've become very selective and often wont mention anything until the events happen. Some people just aren't able to handle the info or rubbish it because it doesn't happen immediately. So I've learn't to be cautious.

I did have one interesting event happen recently though which was a bit of a wake up call for me. Mystic the Jackdaw who lives with me has the ability to link into me when I'm away from home. Ok it gets quite funny when I'm having a serious conversation with some one and I randomly get the picture of his tub of meal worms in my mind, but jokes aside he picks up on things and shows them to me as images of situations that play out.

Mystic did this about a craft fair I went to a few months back just after he arrived with me, where I was sharing a stand with some one. Mystic was really agitated about me leaving him that day so much so he pulled out a couple of his feathers and gave them to me. I knew I was meant to take them with me and quickly made a small Medicine bundle for them.

I couldn't get out of going but that was the last craft fair I'll ever do because what Mystic showed me was going to happen with the supposed friend I was sharing the stand with and a couple of other supposed friends, actually came to pass. Because of Mystic showing me this when I was away from him a few minutes before it happened I was able to divert the situation around me and change it so that I wasn't the one who got the brunt of it. It kinda backfired on those involved and I was safe out of it, but it showed me the true colors of those involved and they are no longer friends. I've still got those feathers Mystic gave me and have made them into a medicine object that he's happy with.

I got home to find Mystic exactly as he'd been showing me and his big cage was a mess because he was stressed. It was a valuable lesson from a very true and good friend even if he's of the feathered variety, and I've always paid attention to what he shows me ever since however interesting and meal worm or bug related it can be. http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/wink.png

Its one of many ways of working that we have between us, but closely linked to it is his ability to show me the true hidden intentions of someone so that I can now begin to see it for myself. This is very interesting as people can't hide it from him and ultimately what he shares with me about them is correct. This is an area that has proven to be very exact every time its happened so far and something were still developing strongly between us.

My people have always said you don't chose this Medicine a Raven or Crow chooses you to work with, but when they do you have the abilities to not just see and move between the worlds and realms with greater skill but to see the hidden truths of all things. These birds are messengers from the Ancestors and  the Thunder beings, so when you carry their medicine other people can't hide things from you and will always reveal there truths and true colors how ever deeply hidden they are.  So far I have to say those words have been correct, and with Mystic's help I'm learning new ways and abilities to see things for others and myself. It's proving to be an interesting and thought provoking journey so far.


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8/09/2016 3:57 pm  #12

Re: Are Premonitions real? How do they differ from visions?

This is what happened when I ignored a 'Premonition..

I was due to meet with a friend , they were running me  the 6 miles  to the next town to  collect an ordered item.. I had a premonition that if I got into his car,  there would be a crash.. 
I thought about it when he came to collect me and felt I couldn't back out. So I got into his car and off we went. I picked up the order and we were on our way back home, when he skidded on a bend and the car turned on its side.. I shot into the footwell. My friend was unconcious and hanging by his seat belt across me. Luclily a car following us called for help and we were transported to hospital.. I was fine but my friend was concussed and his car was not very well.. We were both very lucky..

So the next time I had a premonition, I didn't drive for two days after it and then went in the opposite direction to the predicted accident site...  Job done..

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8/16/2016 6:13 pm  #13

Re: Are Premonitions real? How do they differ from visions?

I never did finish my thoughts on this subject.  As for the age factor, if one has the aptitude and it is not used, the ability will atrophy with age.  So a child that has the gift of foresight and they are told it is bad or it is culturally considered taboo, it will most likely be blocked.  This happens all the time.  If you do not flex your spiritual muscles, then will lose or have greatly reduced access to those abilities.  Just like your muscles and endurance will go down.  A child's body being young and full of potential energy has not yet had to deal with the realities of atrophy with age.  

If one maintains and keeps the abilities harnesses they will remain with the person for a lifetime.  Natural energy levels go down as one ages, but experience leads to refinement and better fuel efficiency lol.  I can do more with less from when i was younger.  When I need to do more with more, Io have learned to draw on energy better, it just takes longer then I want it too.  

Vision are annoying honestly, having foresight into events that lead to important decision points has some disadvantages.  Premonitions are handy to have.  Short term insights into the immediate have more potential to make one not go crazy trying to follow a complex trail learned 10 years ago and half remembered.  When I do have visions I create a drawing that has special meaning to me and imprint the concepts onto it so I can use it as a memory trigger later on.  Which helps me access the half forgotten memories and recall the events and purposes, that and I pick up to much information to really keep it all on a conscious level.  Little tricks to make things easier.    


8/28/2016 9:29 pm  #14

Re: Are Premonitions real? How do they differ from visions?

I haven't had too many premonitions; that I can remember. 
Just the one of my son getting run over and killed. 

People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 

8/29/2016 5:48 am  #15

Re: Are Premonitions real? How do they differ from visions?

Some of the visions I get can be very intense.i had just come out of the shower years ago I could feel someone looking at me I turned around and it was my friends Grandmother she was holding a tiny baby in her arms the blanket she had wrapped around her was out of this world,it was pure white tassles hanging down and gold and silver thread running through the wool. she told me the baby was called after her, her name was Annie, she said this is mandys baby she is the sister of my best friend she lost her that night as 23 weeks term. when I told mandy that annie was safe with her grandmother it helped a bit with the loss,

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9/09/2016 4:29 pm  #16

Re: Are Premonitions real? How do they differ from visions?

Aw it is said that lost babies who have never touched the earth grow up in spirith... I findthis a comfort seeing as I lost 5 over the yeas...http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/depressed.png

There is a good way,  a bad way, and a better way.  For my path, I choose the better way..
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9/09/2016 5:04 pm  #17

Re: Are Premonitions real? How do they differ from visions?

A woman that i know got pregnant at 16 she had an abortion.then at 17,and 18,and 19 all abortions and they were all by the same partner.at 20 she decided she wanted to keep it.she had a daughter 3 years later she had a son.12 months later another son.
 then she had a break for 12 months then she had another daughter 2 years later another son 3 years later her last child another girl. she is now 47 and a grandmother to16.
 her partner blamed her for having abortions according to him it was her fault she felt guilty at the time.now she is really depressed because he wont take any responsibility.
 her sister lost a baby through the baby being born early 23 weeks  it was then she realised about all the abortions she had.then it hit her she was suicidal because her partner said she would suffer because of what she did,
 i told her that he needs to start taking serious his part in all this but he wont.


The spoken word always comes back as whispers in the wind.

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