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8/08/2016 2:26 pm  #11

Re: Forum Control

Native spirit wrote:

Everytime i went into chat on SF members would shut up straight away,the odd few stayed but clover is the one banning them of there, there is only one admin that is prepared to listen to reason and that is lynn, but as she is on there less and less the others do it,
 if they carry on they will loose a lot more people, i had a post deleated by clover so i challenged her about it all i got was sorry i wasnt meant to do that,
Ann on a fox is the owner now she was matts partner i emailed her she told them off ,but im not bothered i rarely go there now only once in a while

Clover has changed her name now! I've had a few disagreements with some admins. Belle and Innerlight were very reasonable, but regardless I feel some of the problems stem from ego. I won't name names, but one admin locked my thread when I disagreed with what they said in a response. That was the final straw because many people appreciated my thread and the insight of the morals and ethics of a reader.

Many of my old pals have been banned, or have deactivated or left, and while I get that people move on, some were pushed. I personally have deleted my profile details and have the emails of the people I wish to continue to have a connection with, and thus SF has become redundant when they don't grow. Too much negativity in posts and the chat room is not healthy for a spiritual site, and that's why I only went on to check messages, or to see if there was anyone I could help. The site did help me and I just wanted to return the favor. Now that has become impossible without being handcuffed.


8/20/2016 1:33 am  #12

Re: Forum Control

I am glad to be on this forum, thank you Thunderbow and Native spirit for sharing the link with me. I can feel the positivity, lightness and goodness in this forum. It is a huge difference from SF, which is an ego playground its actually ridiculous lol! Also a lot of people posing as if they are all knowing and misleading people which upsets me a lot! I like the lightness and honest open discussion here. Anyway, glad to be here with you all and hats off to you Thunderbow, it is a great site


8/20/2016 9:02 am  #13

Re: Forum Control

Keep the forum reviews coming. The object of this forum is to help members make an informed choice when considering joining other internet forums. If you see bullying and harassment in other forums, be it by members or adminstration, report it here, so others can avoid such forums.

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8/20/2016 11:33 am  #14

Re: Forum Control

I only went back to read a pm for a Healing request...

There is a good way,  a bad way, and a better way.  For my path, I choose the better way..
Nicholas Black Elk

8/24/2016 7:55 am  #15

Re: Forum Control

Oh Crumbs this sounds awful.


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